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About The Episode

In this episode, Chris and Sara sit down with Paulina Dao to discuss her journey into the outdoor adventure world. Paulina shares her transition from a non-outdoorsy background to becoming an avid cyclist, hiker, and climber. She discusses the challenges of breaking into these activities, particularly as a Vietnamese American woman, and the importance of community and support in outdoor sports. The conversation highlights her involvement in the gravel cycling and cyclocross communities, her experiences with different outdoor activities, and her plans for future adventures, including a potential bike race in Japan.

Today's Guest

Paulina Dao is an outdoor adventurer, cyclist, hiker, and climber based in Sacramento, California. She shares her experiences and insights on her Instagram and blog, encouraging others to explore and enjoy the outdoors. Paulina is passionate about diversifying the outdoor industry and helping others find their place in it.

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You'll Learn

  • How Paulina transitioned from a non-outdoorsy background to an outdoor enthusiast.
  • The reality of diving into new outdoor activities, including the challenges and rewards.
  • The importance of community and support in outdoor sports.
  • Insights into gravel cycling and cyclocross, including race experiences and community dynamics.
  • Advice for beginners looking to get into outdoor activities.
  • Paulina's future adventure plans, including a potential bike race in Japan and other upcoming projects.
  • Resources

  • Little Grunts Blog - Paulina's blog with adventure stories and gear reviews.
  • Instagram: @paulinadao - Follow Paulina's adventures.
  • Bike race: Grinduro
  • REI Classes - For beginners looking to try new outdoor activities.
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