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About The Episode

In this episode, we chat with Alexandria Jay, aka She Roams Wild, an inspiring solo female traveler who has been living on the road for over two years. Alexandria shares her journey from a stable government job to embracing a nomadic lifestyle in her unique Bigfoot truck camper. She discusses the challenges and rewards of life on the road, safety tips for solo travelers, and how she turned her passion for travel into a thriving career.

Today's Guest

Alexandria Jay (aka She Roams Wild) Alexandria Jay is a solo female traveler and content creator who has been exploring the United States and beyond in her Bigfoot truck camper. With a background in environmental science and management, Alexandria transitioned from a stable government job to a full-time nomadic lifestyle. She shares her adventures and insights through her platform "She Roams Wild," inspiring others to embrace the freedom and challenges of life on the road.

Follow Alexandria on Instagram: @sheroamswild

Visit her website: She Roams Wild

You'll Learn

  • How Alexandria transitioned from a government job to living on the road.
  • The advantages and challenges of solo female travel.
  • Insights into choosing and living in a Bigfoot truck camper.
  • Safety tips for solo travelers, including the use of SOS devices.
  • The importance of trusting your gut and staying safe on the road.
  • How Alexandria builds and maintains a community while traveling.
  • The impact of Starlink and other technologies on remote work.
  • Practical advice for those considering a nomadic lifestyle.
  • Resources

  • Follow Alexandria Jay on Instagram: @sheroamswild
  • Alexandria’s Website: She Roams Wild
  • Alexandria’s YouTube Channel: She Roams Wild
  • ZOLEO Satellite Communicator: ZOLEO
  • Starlink: Starlink
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