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About The Episode

In this episode, we have an inspiring conversation with Rachel Rudwall, also known as @rachelroams. Rachel is an Emmy-nominated TV host, photojournalist, and storyteller who has traveled to all seven continents, capturing the essence of places and cultures through her lens. Join us as we delve into her journey from Ohio to global adventures, discuss the power of storytelling, and explore the challenges and triumphs she’s faced along the way.

Today's Guest

Rachel Rudwall is an Emmy-nominated TV host, photojournalist, and storyteller. With a background in camera operation for networks like Discovery, National Geographic, and History Channel, Rachel has a knack for capturing the heart of the stories she tells. Known for her Instagram handle @rachelroams, she shares her travel adventures and insights, inspiring others to explore the world authentically and ethically. Rachel’s passion for storytelling has taken her to all seven continents, where she immerses herself in local cultures and landscapes, always seeking the human connection in her narratives.

Follow Rachel on Instagram: @rachelroams

You'll Learn

  • The journey of Rachel Rudwall from Ohio to becoming a global storyteller.
  • Insights into Rachel’s experiences working with major TV networks.
  • The impact of social media on modern storytelling.
  • How Rachel navigates cultural integration during her travels.
  • The significance of being an active listener and observer in storytelling.
  • Rachel’s advice on respecting and capturing local cultures authentically.
  • Tips on dealing with the challenges of travel, including the notorious Drake Passage.
  • The role of humor, play, and language in connecting with people while traveling.
  • How to balance pre-trip research with maintaining an open mind.
  • Resources

  • Follow Rachel Rudwall on Instagram: @rachelroams
  • Rachel's Website: Rachel Roams
  • "The Wager" by David Grann: The Wager
  • Travel Channel: Travel Channel
  • Parahawking in San Diego: Torrey Pines Gliderport
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