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About The Episode

In this episode, we sit down with Kyana Sue Powers, an adventurous American who left behind a stable job in Boston to start a new life in Iceland. Kyana shares her incredible journey, from facing over 100 job rejections and navigating the complexities of the Icelandic visa process to creating her own company and thriving in the land of fire and ice. This conversation is filled with inspiring stories, practical travel advice, and a deep dive into what it takes to integrate into Icelandic society.

Today's Guest

Kyana Sue Powers is an American content creator and media entrepreneur based in Iceland. After falling in love with Iceland during a camper van trip, she made the bold decision to quit her job in sports administration and move to Iceland. Despite facing numerous challenges, including visa rejections and job rejections, Kyana persevered and built a successful career in content creation. She now runs a media production company and offers travel advising services, helping others experience the beauty of Iceland.

Follow Kyana on Instagram: @kyanasue

You'll Learn

  • The bold decision Kyana made to quit her stable job and move to Iceland.
  • The challenges Kyana faced with Iceland's visa process and how she overcame them.
  • Insights into integrating into Icelandic society and forming friendships.
  • Kyana's innovative approach to content creation and how she built her career.
  • Practical tips for traveling in Iceland, including the best ways to explore the country.
  • The impact of tourism on Iceland's infrastructure and how to be a responsible traveler.
  • Resources

  • Follow Kyana Sue Powers on Instagram: @kyanasue
  • Kyana’s Travel Guide: Link to guide/map
  • Safe Travel Text Alerts for Iceland: Safe Travel Iceland
  • Discover Iceland's Campgrounds: Camping Card
  • Peter McKinnon (Photography Tutorials): YouTube Channel
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