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Hey Y'all!

We're Chris and Sara

a husband and wife team who love to travel. We believe that travel can be a force for good, and we want to help others see the world in a new way. Through our website and social media channels, we provide inspiration and information for other travel enthusiasts who want to pursue a life outside of the normal 9-5 hustle.

We believe...
In pursuing adventure and meaningful moments, even when it gets uncomfortable.
That adventures are better when they're shared with friends (new or old).
That our adventures have the opportunity to positively or negatively impact the people and places we visit, so we always travel with the intent of leaving the world a little better than we found it.

We calculated the risk and made a jump into a life we love.

Chris and Sara on a couch in Brazil
Just a few years ago, if you had looked at us you would have found us exhausted, overwhelmed, and a bit burned out. Sara was stuck in a stuffy, windowless office, while Chris was trying to keep up with the demands of his freelance clients. But then, in 2018, after lots of planning and money saving, we took the plunge, bought a van, and became full-time digital nomads.
Today we're still traveling the world and working from the road from beaches in Brazil and on mountainsides in Iceland.
Today we're still traveling the world and working from the road from beaches in Brazil and on mountainsides in Iceland.


...well, a brief overview anyway...

June 2014

We met cycling across America. It makes us sound hardcore but trust us, we're not. We cycled over 3,500 miles from Seattle to New York City raising money for refugees. Somewhere along the way we noticed each other. Spandex never looked so good.
Chris and Sara on a bicycle tour

June 2016

We eloped in Washington's Cascade Mountains and settled down in Seattle. We figured that if we were going to start our lives together, and had the option to work from anywhere, we might as well do it in a place that we loved.
Chris and Sara on their wedding day

October 2016

We packed our bags and traveled to Chang Mai, Thailand for a two-month photo and video project.

While it wasn't the first international trip either of us had taken, it was the first one we had taken together. It was also the first time we had worked remotely internationally and it launched a dream of combining traveling + working. This was years before we had ever heard the term "digital nomad," but that's exactly what we were and what we wanted to chase after. Thailand will always hold a special place in our hearts partially for the people we met and experiences we had while there, but also in part for the dream it set in motion.

Sara heading off to thailand

November 2017

Our family got a little bigger as we welcomed Kramer into the mix.
Kramer (our dog) first hike. He couldn't make it up the hills very well which is why he's in a backpack.

May 2018

We decided to sell most of our belongings, move from Seattle, and convert a Mercedes Sprinter Van into our home.

The idea was simple: live more efficiently, travel more easily, and save money on rent and utilities. It turns out that van life isn't always as glamorous as it seems. In fact, it can be pretty challenging at times. But it's also incredibly rewarding and we loved [almost] every moment on the road. We learned how to live with less, how to be flexible and adaptable, and how to find humor in every situation. If you're thinking about making the switch to van life, we say go for it! Just be prepared for some bumps (and a few bruises) along the way.

February 2019

Uploaded our very first Youtube video.

We never expected our first video to blow up the way it did. When we sat down to film our van tour, we had no idea that 5.4 million people would tune in to watch. But the Internet is a funny place, and sometimes a simple video can strike a chord with viewers around the world. It was all a bit overwhelming in the beginning, but having an outlet like Youtube to share our creative projects has been such a joy!

Chris and Sara's first van tour that went viral

June 2020

We had been on the road for a year and a half when we made the decision to sell our van.

It was a tough choice, but with travel restrictions still in place and no end in sight, we decided to make use of our time and convert a second van. We had learned a lot from our first van, and were determined to make our second one even better.

Building our second van Sunny

November 2020

We bought our first home in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Selling our first van allowed us to pay off the last of our college debt and save for a down payment on our first home. We knew we weren't ready to come off the road, but it was time to make an investment in our future and setup a home base as a resting and launching point for traveling.

Chris and Sara purchase their new house in Chattanooga

June 2021

We finished our converting our second van.

After months of anticipation, we finally hit the road in our newly converted van. We'd spent countless hours planning, dreaming, and sweating, and it was finally time to reap the benefits of a lot of hard work!

Chris and Sara finish their second van conversion Sunny

February 2022

This was the start of a lot of international traveling for us, which was a dream come true!

In February we set off for a month in Mexico and a month in Brazil. We even took our dog, Kramer, international with us and the three of us had the time of our lives exploring more of this incredible planet. More international trips are in the future for later this year, so stay tuned...

Sara in Mexico with Kramer riding on her back



We're Chris and Sara

A creative husband and wife duo from a small-town in Tennessee with passion for all things travel. Checkout the links below to join us on our past, present, and future adventures!
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