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About The Episode

In this episode, we delve into the intersection of travel and medicine with Jay Reed, a seasoned pharmacist and global adventurer. Jay shares his extensive knowledge on staying safe and legal while traveling abroad, drawing from his own experiences living and working in various countries. From handling medications and navigating foreign healthcare systems to understanding the legalities of carrying prescription drugs internationally, Jay provides invaluable insights for travelers. Tune in to learn practical tips and hear fascinating stories from Jay’s travels around the world.

Today's Guest

Jay Reed is a seasoned pharmacist and adventurer who has lived and worked in various parts of the world. After starting his career in pharmacy, Jay's desire for exploration led him to Yemen, where he spent ten years working in healthcare and teaching English. His travels have taken him to many countries, including Ukraine, South Africa, Jordan, Egypt, and more. Jay is also a food writer and co-host of the podcasts "Guys of a Certain Age" and "Vittles and Vitals."

Follow Jay on Instagram: @eatsoneate

You'll Learn

  • Jay's career transition from pharmacy to living abroad.
  • The cultural differences and experiences Jay encountered in Yemen.
  • How Jay managed healthcare challenges and maintained his pharmacy license while living overseas.
  • The importance of planning and preparation for international travel.
  • Stories from Jay’s travels to various countries, including the Middle East and Africa.
  • Insights into the unique aspects of living in ancient and modern cultures.
  • Tips on handling medications and healthcare needs while traveling.
  • Jay’s advice on building a life abroad and embracing new opportunities.
  • Resources

  • Follow Jay Reed on Instagram: @eatsoneate
  • Jay’s Food Blog: Eats One Ate
  • Jay’s Podcast: Guys of a Certain Age
  • Jay’s Podcast: Vittles and Vitals
  • Travel Health Information: CDC Traveler's Health
  • International Narcotics Control Board: INCB
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