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About The Episode

In this episode, Chris and Sara sit down with their close friends Alex and Jess Odden, who recently returned to the US after spending nine months living in Mexico with their five daughters. They share their experiences, from the challenges of moving abroad with a large family to the joys of immersing themselves in a new culture. Listen in as Alex and Jess discuss why they chose Mexico, how they managed their children’s education, and the benefits of stepping out of their comfort zone to explore life in a different country.

Today's Guest

Alex and Jess Odden are a couple from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who decided to take a bold step by moving their family of seven to Mexico for nine months. With five daughters ranging from ages 16 to one, they embraced the adventure of living abroad, navigating new environments, and immersing themselves in the local culture. Their journey reflects their love for change, new experiences, and the desire to create lasting memories with their children.

You'll Learn

  • The decision-making process behind moving a family to a different country
  • How to manage children's education while traveling
  • The importance of adaptability and resilience in new environments
  • Insights into Mexico’s healthcare system and affordability
  • Tips for integrating into a new community and culture
  • The benefits and challenges of traveling as a large family
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