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Kitra and Peter are the faces of the popular Youtube channel Ordinary Adventures and have grown an audience through their humor and love for traveling and trying new things. Whether or not you enjoy theme parks, you'll still enjoy this episode. Their contagious laughs and stories will leave you feeling like you have two new friends. Join us as we discuss all things theme parks, theme park foods, Disney Vacationing, cruises, Hawaii trips, and more.

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You don't want to miss this episode of the podcast! Chris and Sara sit down with Peter and Kitra, the dynamic duo behind the popular YouTube channel Ordinary Adventures. They take us on a thrilling journey through their experiences exploring theme parks, attending press events, and traveling to Disney World. You'll also hear about their newfound love for cruising, and how their first cruise video unexpectedly went viral.

Maintaining a high level of output for their YouTube channel is no easy feat, and the speakers discuss the intentional approach they take when showcasing the reality of their adventures. As content creators, they reveal the ups and downs of filming in public spaces and the hours spent editing videos to perfection.

Get ready for some insider tips and recommendations as they share their experiences at Disney's resort in Hawaii, Aulani. You'll even find out about the best budget-friendly food options, including a must-try Dole Whip at the Dole Plantation. Horror stories at theme parks and crowds are common concerns, but the speakers give some practical advice on how to cope and still have an enjoyable visit.

The Ordinary Adventures team invites you to join them on their future adventures by following their famous YouTube channel, Instagram, and TikTok. Trust us; this episode is a fun and informative experience that's not to be missed!

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