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In this episode, we chat with Karissa and Lindbergh from GonDirtin, a dynamic duo known for their overlanding adventures and passion for camp cooking. Karissa and Lindbergh share their journey from weekend camping trips to extended overland expeditions in their custom Toyota Land Cruiser. They discuss their unique approach to integrating gourmet cooking with outdoor adventures, their upcoming cooking show, and their future travel plans. Tune in to hear about their experiences, tips for camp cooking, and the joys of life on the road.

Today's Guest

Karissa and Lindbergh are overlanders and content creators behind the popular platform GonDirtin. Known for their extensive travels in a custom Toyota Land Cruiser and their passion for cooking gourmet meals on the road, they inspire others to explore the world and enjoy delicious food while doing it. Their upcoming cooking show, "Gone Cooking," will showcase their skills and adventures in a new light.

Follow Karissa and Lindbergh on Instagram: @GonDirtin
Visit their website: GonDirtin

You'll Learn

  • How Karissa and Lindbergh transitioned from weekend campers to full-time overlanders.
  • The process of converting their Toyota Land Cruiser for long-term travel.
  • Tips for cooking gourmet meals with minimal equipment while camping.
  • The concept behind their new cooking show, "Gone Cooking."
  • How to integrate cultural and local flavors into camp meals.
  • The importance of minimalism and versatility in a camp kitchen.
  • Their favorite camp recipes and cooking techniques.
  • Future travel plans and the destinations they are most excited about.
  • Resources

  • Follow Karissa and Lindbergh on Instagram: @GonDirtin
  • GonDirtin Website: GonDirtin
  • GonDirtin's Cooking Recipes: Recipes
  • Overland Network: Overland Network
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