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About The Episode

In this episode, Chris and Sara chat with Liz Fieser about the challenges and rewards of starting over in life, particularly through moving and travel. Liz shares her experiences growing up moving frequently, her journey through various cities, and finally planting roots in Bend, Oregon. She talks about her career in freelance brand marketing, her passion for trail running, and how she navigates the ups and downs of constant change. The conversation dives into the importance of community, the lessons learned from travel, and practical advice for anyone contemplating a significant life change.

Today's Guest

Liz Fieser is a freelance brand marketer, trail runner, and travel enthusiast. With a rich background in moving across the country and exploring new horizons, Liz offers a unique perspective on embracing change and finding community wherever she goes. She shares her adventures and insights on social media, inspiring others to pursue their passions and face life’s transitions with courage and curiosity.

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You'll Learn

  • Liz's background and journey through different cities.
  • The reality of starting over, including both challenges and rewarding experiences.
  • Insights into maintaining a freelance career while moving frequently.
  • Tips for finding community and building friendships in new places.
  • How to balance the desire for stability with a passion for travel and adventure.
  • Practical advice for those considering significant life changes, including moving and career shifts.
  • The importance of listening to oneself and making choices that align with personal values and desires.
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