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Liz Fieser is a writer, wanderer, avid adventurer, and lover of travel and fresh starts. During our conversation she talks with us about her life lessons and experiences from multiple major moves, international travels, and the self-discovery that comes from putting yourself out there for the sake of a life well lived.

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Join us as we talk with Liz Fieser, a marketer and enthusiastic traveler, in this episode of "What No One Tells You" as she shares her experiences of starting over and embracing new beginnings, such as relocating to a new place. Liz reveals how she discovered her permanent residence in Bend, Oregon, and how she runs her own marketing company, primarily collaborating with VC firms in improving their brand identity. Liz delves into the perks of this lifestyle and how it could transform perspectives on work and location. Discover tips from Liz on staying connected while on the go, and how remote work should be normalized in our society.

Liz shares her own experiences of moving to Bend, Oregon, where she enjoys trail running and basking in the great outdoors. Having moved frequently throughout her life, she's come to realize the importance of the journey within herself. Liz has learned to embrace change and lean into curiosity, leading her to experience new opportunities and find the best fitting path. She advises trusting one's intuition and taking action without seeking approval from others.

The conversation also explores the role of social media in facilitating connections during transitional periods, and how it could be challenging to maintain a sense of community while constantly moving. With the pandemic presenting further hurdles, Liz offers advice to those starting anew, encouraging listeners to trust themselves and take risks. She also emphasizes the significance of immersing oneself fully in the travel experience and using it as an opportunity for personal growth instead of just ticking off a list of countries.

Join us in this engaging and informative conversation about starting over and how to make the most of life's transitions.

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