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In this episode, Chris and Sara sit down with Katie Steckly, a YouTube and social media expert who also travels by van. Katie shares her journey from starting her YouTube channel in 2011 to becoming a successful content creator with two YouTube channels. They discuss the realities of growing a YouTube channel, balancing short-form and long-form content, and the mental health challenges that come with being a full-time creator. Katie also provides insights into her travel vlogging experiences and the strategies she uses to create engaging content.

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You'll Learn

  • Katie's origin story and how she started her YouTube channel.
  • The evolution of YouTube and strategies for growing a channel in 2023.
  • The differences between short-form and long-form content and their impact on growth.
  • Tips for managing mental health as a content creator.
  • Insights into travel vlogging and creating engaging content on the road.
  • Katie's approach to brand deals and diversifying income as a YouTuber.
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  • YouTube (Tech and Social Media): Katie Steckly
  • YouTube (Travel Channel): Katie and Dan
  • Instagram: @katiesteckly
  • TikTok: @katiesteckly
  • Website: Katie Steckly
  • Katie's camera: Sony ZV-1
  • Katie's camera microphone: Rode VideoMicro
  • Chris and Sara's camera: Sony A7Siii
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