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About The Episode

In this episode, we sit down with the incredibly talented Eric Dowdle, an artist known for his unique modern folk art and captivating storytelling. Eric shares how his passion for art and travel have intertwined, leading to the creation of intricate puzzles that capture the essence of places he visits. Tune in to hear about Eric's artistic journey, the inspiration behind his work, and his adventures exploring cities and landscapes around the world. We also discuss his TV show on the Magnolia Network, "The Piece Maker," where Eric brings his art to life and shares the stories behind his creations.

Today's Guest

Eric Dowdle is a renowned artist and storyteller known for his distinctive modern folk art. His work, which includes highly detailed and engaging puzzles, has gained international acclaim. Eric's art captures the spirit and stories of various places, blending his love for travel with his artistic talent. Through his paintings and puzzles, Eric invites people to explore the world from a new perspective.

Follow Eric Dowdle: Dowdle Studios

You'll Learn

  • How Eric Dowdle combines art and travel to create his unique modern folk art.
  • The story behind Eric's transition from traditional painting to puzzle making.
  • Insights into the creative process of capturing a city's essence in art.
  • The challenges and rewards of traveling to different places for artistic inspiration.
  • The impact of Eric's work on people's lives through his storytelling and puzzles.
  • Eric's thoughts on the importance of art in everyday life.
  • The upcoming projects and travel plans Eric has in store, including "Land that I Love."
  • Resources

  • Follow Eric Dowdle: Dowdle Studios
  • Watch Eric's TV Show: The Piece Maker on Magnolia Network
  • Explore Eric's Puzzles: Shop Puzzles
  • Learn More About "Land that I Love": Land that I Love
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