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About The Episode

In this special Christmas episode, Chris and Sara share their holiday traditions, favorite memories, and thoughts on celebrating Christmas as a couple. They reflect on past Christmases, discuss their favorite gifts, and offer tips for making the most of the holiday season, especially for those who might be spending it alone. Join them for a heartwarming and candid conversation that captures the essence of their holiday spirit.

Today's Guest

Chris and Sara Chris and Sara are a husband-and-wife travel duo who document their adventures on their blog, podcast, and YouTube channel. Known for their engaging content and practical travel advice, they have inspired many to explore new destinations and embrace the adventure of the unknown. This episode gives a glimpse into their personal lives and how they celebrate Christmas.

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You'll Learn

  • Chris and Sara's favorite Christmas traditions and how they celebrate the holiday.
  • Their experiences of spending Christmas alone and creating new traditions.
  • The story behind their most memorable Christmas gifts.
  • Fun anecdotes about past Christmases and holiday trips.
  • Tips for making the holiday special, even if you're spending it alone or away from family.
  • Insights into their plans for future Christmases and holiday travel ideas.
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