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About The Episode

In this heartfelt episode, Chris and Sara sit down with Steve aJohnston, the inspiring parents behind the nonprofit "A Race Against Blindness." They share the journey of their son, Luke, who is battling a rare genetic condition causing progressive blindness. The Johnstons discuss their efforts to raise funds for a crucial clinical trial in the US and their unique approach to raising awareness through van life. Learn about their incredible summer adventure in a custom van and how they’re offering a chance to win a similar van to support their cause.

Today's Guest

Steve and Kristina Johnston are the founders of "A Race Against Blindness," a nonprofit dedicated to raising funds for clinical trials that could save the vision of their son, Luke, and others with similar conditions. Steve, a physician, and Kristina are committed to their mission of finding a cure for the rare genetic disorder affecting Luke. They use their platform to spread awareness and raise funds through unique initiatives like their van giveaway.

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You'll Learn

  • The story of Luke Johnston and his battle with a rare genetic condition.
  • How Steve and Kristina Johnston started "A Race Against Blindness" and their mission.
  • Details about their summer 2023 van life adventure to create lasting memories for Luke.
  • Insights into the clinical trial process and the importance of fundraising for medical research.
  • How you can support "A Race Against Blindness" by entering their van giveaway or through direct donations.
  • The impact of family, community, and adventure on coping with medical challenges.
  • Resources

  • Follow Steve Johnston on Instagram: @dad.vs.blindness
  • Follow Kristina Johnston on Instagram: @mom.vs.blindness
  • Follow A Race Against Blindness on Instagram: @a.race.against.blindness
  • YouTube Channel: A Race Against Blindness
  • Official Website: A Race Against Blindness
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