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In this episode, Chris and Sara chat with Joe and Kait Russo, the dynamic duo behind "We're the Russos." Known for their extensive RV travels and engaging YouTube content, Joe and Kait share their journey from corporate life to becoming full-time content creators and RV enthusiasts. They discuss their transition through various types of RVs, their adventures across the United States and internationally, and their approach to balancing work and travel. This episode is packed with insights into the RV lifestyle, content creation, and the joys and challenges of life on the road

Today's Guest

Joe and Kait Russo (We're the Russos) Joe and Kait Russo are the founders of "We're the Russos," a popular travel blog and YouTube channel dedicated to RV living and travel. Since 2014, they have been traveling full-time, exploring the United States and beyond in a variety of RVs. Their content includes RV reviews, travel tips, and personal stories from the road. Known for their down-to-earth advice and engaging videos, Joe and Kait have built a loyal following of travel enthusiasts.

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You'll Learn

  • Joe and Kait’s journey from corporate careers to full-time RV living.
  • The different types of RVs they have traveled in and their experiences with each.
  • How they transitioned from blogging to YouTube and the evolution of their content.
  • The challenges and rewards of full-time travel and content creation.
  • Tips for maintaining a work-life balance while on the road.
  • Insights into the business side of content creation, including blogging and affiliate marketing.
  • The importance of community and networking within the RV and travel space.
  • Their plans for future travels and content, including their new podcast "RVing with Joe and Kait."
  • Resources

  • Follow Joe and Kait Russo on Instagram: @weretherussos
  • Official Website: We're the Russos
  • YouTube Channel: We're the Russos YouTube Channel
  • Books by Joe Russo: Book 1, Book 2
  • Listen to their new podcast: RVing with Joe and Kait
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