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Join Chris and Sara as they dive into the world of overlanding with their special guest, Dan Grec of "The Road Chose Me." Dan shares his incredible journey of traveling around the world in a vehicle, highlighting his experiences in South America, Africa, and Australia. This episode is packed with stories of adventure, challenges, and the rewarding aspects of overlanding. If you're curious about what it takes to live a life on the road or just love hearing about epic travel tales, this episode is for you.

Today's Guest

Dan Grec is an overlander, author, and adventurer who has spent over a decade traveling the world in his customized vehicles. Originally from Australia, Dan has driven through some of the most remote and challenging terrains, documenting his journeys on his YouTube channel, "The Road Chose Me." He is known for his detailed guides on overlanding, including tips on vehicle preparation, border crossings, and navigating different cultures. Dan's books, "The Road Chose Me Volume 1 & 2," chronicle his adventures in South America and Africa, respectively, with a third volume about Australia in the works.

Follow Dan Grec:

  • Follow Dan Grec on YouTube: The Road Chose Me
  • Instagram: @theroadchoseme
  • Dan Grec’s Books: The Road Chose Me Vol 1, Vol 2
  • You'll Learn

  • What overlanding is and how it differs from van life and rock crawling.
  • Dan's journey from a stable engineering job to becoming a full-time overlander.
  • The highs and lows of overlanding, including dealing with safety and cultural encounters.
  • Practical tips for aspiring overlanders, such as not driving at night and being mindful of your surroundings.
  • Stories of Dan's most memorable experiences, from carrying chimpanzees to encountering military checkpoints.
  • Insights into specific regions like South America and Africa, and what makes them unique for overlanders.
  • Resources

  • Follow Dan Grec on YouTube: The Road Chose Me
  • Instagram: @theroadchoseme
  • Dan Grec’s Books: The Road Chose Me Vol 1, Vol 2
  • Overland Expo: Overland Expo
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