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In this episode of "What No One Tells You," Chris and Sara talk with Kyla from Curated by Kyla about her unique travel lifestyle as a house sitter. Kyla shares her experiences traveling to amazing places like Alaska and Hawaii by house sitting, how she balances her 9-to-5 job with travel, and tips for anyone interested in starting house sitting as a way to explore new places without the high cost of accommodations.

Today's Guest

Kyla, Curated by Kyla Kyla is a travel enthusiast based in Dallas, Texas, who has mastered the art of house sitting to fuel her wanderlust. Despite working a full-time job, she has traveled to various locations by house sitting and pet sitting, allowing her to live like a local and experience places in a unique way. Her journey started with a dream to experience Alaska in the winter and has since taken her to beautiful destinations like Hawaii. Follow her adventures and tips on her social media platforms.

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You'll Learn

  • How Kyla started house sitting and her experiences in Alaska and Hawaii.
  • The benefits of house sitting as a way to travel and save on accommodation costs.
  • Tips for getting started with house sitting and building a profile on trusted platforms.
  • The importance of having a reliable and safe platform for house sitting.
  • How to manage travel while working a hybrid job.
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  • Trusted House Sitters: Website
  • Curated by Kyla Instagram: @curatedbykyla
  • Curated by Kyla TikTok: @curatedbykyla
  • Curated by Kyla Website:
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