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About The Episode

In this episode, Chris and Sara sit down with Amanda Monique Brown, a seasoned travel content creator who shares her incredible journey of selling her house to travel the world. Amanda talks about visiting 21 countries across five continents in 14 months, the importance of budgeting while traveling, and how she grew her Instagram following to over 225k by providing valuable and authentic content. Amanda also discusses balancing a full-time job with content creation, the impact of social media on her travels, and offers tips for new content creators

Today's Guest

Amanda Monique Brown is a travel content creator who started her journey by selling her house to travel full-time. She has visited 21 countries and shares her experiences through her Instagram, TikTok, and travel blog. With a background in statistics, Amanda meticulously tracks travel expenses and provides transparent budgeting tips to her followers. She now balances her love for travel with a full-time job and continues to inspire others with her content.

You'll Learn

  • How Amanda planned and budgeted for 14 months of travel
  • The impact of social media on Amanda’s travel decisions and content creation
  • Tips for growing an Instagram following and the importance of niching down
  • Balancing a full-time job with content creation and travel
  • Amanda's favorite travel destinations and experiences
  • The challenges of traveling as a woman in different cultures
  • Practical advice for new content creators on consistency and building trust with the algorithm
  • Resources

  • Amanda Monique Brown on Instagram: @amandamoniquebrown
  • Amanda Monique Brown on TikTok: @amandamoniquebrown
  • Amanda Monique Brown's Website:
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