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About The Episode

In this episode, Chris and Sara sit down with Connor and Alix Brunson from Acts of Adventure to discuss the highs and lows of van life. Connor and Alix share their journey from traditional living to embracing the nomadic lifestyle, their experiences on the road, and the community that comes with van life. They recount their first night in the van, overcoming challenges, and the unforgettable moments that make van life worth it. The conversation also highlights their summer road trip video mini-series "Return to the Road," featuring their travels through Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Oregon.

Today's Guest

Connor and Alix Brunson (Acts of Adventure) Connor and Alix Brunson are the duo behind Acts of Adventure, a YouTube channel, and Instagram account that document their van life experiences and adventures. They share stunning photography and videography of their travels, offering an authentic look into the van life lifestyle.

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You'll Learn

  • The origin story of Connor and Alix's transition to van life.
  • The reality of van life, including the challenges and rewarding experiences.
  • Insights into van build planning and execution.
  • Tips for thriving in a van, from managing everyday logistics to staying comfortable.
  • The significance of community in the van life culture.
  • Highlights from Connor and Alix's summer road trip through Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Oregon.
  • Practical advice for those considering van life, including do’s and don'ts.
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