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Episode summary

When we first met Connor and Alex on a trip through Arkansas, we never imagined the adventures we'd share in the van life community. These incredible friends have shared adventures with us, introduced us to secret spots in Colorado, and provided endless laughter along the way. Join us as we chat about the bonds formed through van life, the lessons learned in the honeymoon phase, and the importance of being prepared for winter weather on the road.

From the frozen heater on their first night in the van to the exhausting decisions involving water, groceries, and laundry, Connor and Alix share their experiences as full-time van dwellers while also running a wedding videography business. We discuss how Instagram can shape our van life realities and how the focus should be on the experiences the van life can give us. Together, we reminisce about our favorite trips and the moments we'll never forget.

As we wrap up our conversation, we can't help but reflect on the joys and challenges of living the van life. We've all faced our share of trials, from blizzards to mosquito-filled nights and even a nightmare RV sewage dump experience at gas station. Yet, we continue to embrace and cherish the memories made with our van life friends and the incredible places we've explored. Join us on this journey through van life adventures and experiences with Connor and Alix!

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0:00:00 - Sara
If you've ever been interested in vanlife or maybe you don't really have an interest in it and you're just you're not really sure what it's about know that a huge part of it is the community. A lot of people are really intrigued by vanlife because of the community, and Connor and Alex were our first official Van friends. We met up with them in Arkansas Neither of us are from Arkansas And we were crossing paths with them and we said let's get coffee.

0:00:21 - Connor
And we had really never said yes to a lot of people on Instagram on random messages And we're like, oh, we'll take a chance on Stranger. Danger is a real thing.

0:00:31 - Sara
But I remember the message. I think it was from Connor, maybe it was from Alex, but they messaged and they said, hey, i saw you had this book in your van. I think we'll be friends. We like that book too. I was like, okay, cool, we'll be friends. You know what book it was? It was Love Does by Bob Goff.

They said we saw it in your van tour. Anyway, we met up with them and they've stuck with us for the last four years. We've met up in four different states, i think a different state every year, and they've just become great friends.

0:00:58 - Connor
We love meeting them on the road. We love them as people, but they are, if you want to know about van life and what it's really like. They will let you know.

0:01:08 - Sara
Yeah, and just from hanging out with them, i know that we're going to have fun stories. I think that needs to be a part of every episode. Here is a fun story, and I feel like Connor and Alex are a lot like us, but they're opposite, like I feel like Chris and Alex are all right And then Connor and I are a lot alike, so she's the funny storyteller in the family And then he's the much more like serious one, like they're funny dynamic.

0:01:28 - Connor
It was funny because we were at Connor and Alex's house about a year ago and Sara and Connor were together at the end of the kitchen table both planning They had their maps and all this And then Alex and I are just kind of walking around pretending like we had something to do.

0:01:41 - Sara
What were we planning? I think we were like I think we were scouting out good off-grid camping spots of the van. They were sharing their top secret spots in Colorado with us.

0:01:50 - Connor
Can we pause really quick and maybe talk about what is van life? Just for those of anybody that doesn't know what van life is.

0:01:56 - Sara
Van life is the people who are living in vans down by the river. Yes, we've all heard that joke and yes, on more than one occasion that's been true. But van life is just, essentially it's RVing. But I feel like the millennials and the Gen Zers have picked up the term van life And vans have become very popular because it seems more trendy than RVing, like maybe our parents did. I love RVing, i mean, there's sometimes I look at those giant RVs at the campground.

0:02:17 - Connor
I think they know something we don't, they haven't figured out.

0:02:20 - Sara
Anyway, back to the point. today's all about van life, and Conor and Alex are some of our good friends. They are from Colorado and we asked them to come on and we're going to talk about the highs and lows of van life And I think we're going to get a couple good stories out of them.

0:02:33 - Connor
I think so too, and they've been doing van life for a while now.

0:02:37 - Sara
Four years. They started right after us. They were building their van when we started in RVing. Oh yeah.

0:02:41 - Connor
So they know, they know a lot about van life. They know the highs, they know the lows, they know it's realistic and then they know what's not realistic.

0:02:49 - Sara
What's the?

0:02:50 - Connor
Instagram side of van life. What's the Instagram side And?

0:02:52 - Sara
I love them because I feel like, yes, their Instagram is beautiful, they're photographers and videographers, but they're not the cliche van life Instagramers. But we're not going to ruin any more of who they are. We're going to let them talk to themselves and explain who they are. So no more chit chat. Let's just get to the conversation with Conor and Alex.

0:03:14 - Connor
We've been talking for the last 10 minutes and we haven't even started the podcast yet, but we're starting it now. Conor and Alex, we are so thankful that you're here. Welcome to the show.

0:03:25 - Alix
Thanks, guys, thanks for having us.

0:03:26 - Chris
You make us feel important.

0:03:30 - Sara
Let's be real. We all just want to hang out and talk and catch up for the next hour or so.

0:03:34 - Connor
Yeah, and, like we had mentioned before, Connor and Alex are our van life friends, which I mean that's a whole different level of friendship than normal friends are.

0:03:44 - Sara
And I don't know if you guys know this, but you were our first official van life friends. I don't remember when it was, but I know we met up in Arkansas. Yeah, I have no idea what time we hear that was or anything, But since then we've met up in what four states.

0:03:56 - Connor

0:03:56 - Sara
Arkansas, Montana, Rregon and Colorado. That's a good friendship, guys.

0:04:01 - Chris
Yeah, really, van life friendships are so strange compared to normal friendships. You've been to our house, we've never been to yours, but most of the time we're just somewhere. Random coffee shop.

0:04:13 - Connor
I feel like van life. you're right. You hang out in coffee shops. It's almost like you spend 24-7 with people, but you don't really get annoyed. But when you feel that tension or not even tension, but when you feel like you're like I need a long time you just hop into your home and drive down the street. And then you meet up for dinner later.

0:04:35 - Chris
We love taking the van to our family in Texas and Arkansas because you can be with family a lot more readily because of the van. You don't have to buy hotels or plane tickets, But when you need your alone time you just go to the van. You have your own house at your family's house.

0:04:54 - Sara
We miss our van a lot for that very reason, sometimes. I miss it.

0:04:59 - Connor
All right, you've been doing van life for a while. Let's start at the beginning of the honeymoon stage of van life, because you turn on that ignition and you peel out of that driveway and you're ready to hit the open road in your van and everything is beautiful. So I mean let's talk about the first couple of, let's talk about the honeymoon stage.

0:05:22 - Sara
How long did the honeymoon stage last for you guys?

0:05:25 - Alix
Oh, that was approximately like six hours. Yeah, we had quite the first night in our van.

0:05:34 - Chris
There's some stories. One is the first night And then the second story is we lived full time in the van for three months and then COVID hit. So that was kind of our honeymoon phase. If you think about it. That was like true new van life, for all that it can be. And then COVID hit and we were forced to go back home, even for lockdown, and then van life changed totally after that, with all the public resources. But back to the first night. We this was like- It was January 2020.

January 2020,. We roll out of Colorado, which in January you have to be very picky about where you drive because everything is covered in snow, where there's going to be a snowstorm that shuts down a pass. So we figured out the best route would be to go near, kind of Pagosa Springs, to go to the Southwest, to go to Sedona, and we got to this area in the San Luis Valley. It was about 10,000 feet in the valley And everything was just covered in snow. The whole place was like the ice world in Star Wars just white.

0:06:42 - Alix
The road was ice, parking lots were ice.

0:06:45 - Chris
And that's where we, you know, we looked at iOverlander for like the first time, like, "oh, this one looks good."

0:06:51 - Alix
Wait, okay, this is the real story, okay so first night in the van. I'm in the passenger seat. Connor's like yeah, i found this sick spot just outside of Durango or Pagosa or something. And I'm like okay. And so he turns off the highway into this like desolate tundra and it's full ice sheet. The wind's blowing like crazy, it's like negative, something to grease out. I'm like okay.

0:07:17 - Chris
Our van is not four-wheel drive.

0:07:18 - Alix
No, so we kind of slide into our camp spot And then Connor here, because this is the honeymoon phase, Connor's like you know what? I think I'm gonna go for a run.

I was like it's like you, i was just like adventure time, yeah, so, Connor like, puts on his winter running clothes and goes out there And I swear the whole time he's like a cartoon, just like skidding all over the ice. Anyway, he comes back like 30 minutes later. He's like, yeah, it was so fun, Like he's like dying And then that night we did our heater not work.

0:07:57 - Chris
It was our first night of like living in the van with our heater, and so I wasn't totally sure how to use it to the best, like capacity, like, do I keep it on all night? Do I just schedule it to come on in the middle of the night? Well, i didn't keep it on enough, because it was negative 10 for our first night of van life And our pipes froze in the morning.

0:08:21 - Alix
We had to take our heated blanket and wrap them around our pipes to slowly warm them up. So There's a hack for you. Yeah, that was the first night, Oh did you like go?

0:08:34 - Sara
did you want to quit immediately? You're like we're back, going back home. This is it, Or did you guys just press on to somewhere warmer?

0:08:39 - Alix
No, it's like in the beginning. you know, even when you have those problems, you're just like, oh, everything's fine, whereas if that stuff would happen now, like you know, a couple of years into it, i've got, i'm done. This is too much for me.

0:08:54 - Chris
Partially. That's why we run away from winter in our van. Not only the road conditions, but just how cold it is. I mean, we've got a great heater and still it's very difficult to live in the winter in a van. So we just generally avoid it.

0:09:11 - Sara
Yeah, we get that. We're like. we're like the kind of people who search out like 60 to 80 degrees. 60 to 80 degrees We don't really go much over under that. That's like our sweet spot.

0:09:22 - Connor
Yeah, I get snowbirds. I get that mentality. You know all the Canadians or the Northerners going down to Phoenix and Florida for the sun. I get it. I mean, i think they're the smartest bunch of any of us.

0:09:32 - Sara
They've yeah, they've lived 60, 70 years. Send the ones up, Yeah.

0:09:36 - Connor
So I mean, why did you get into van life? Why did, why did, why did you start?

0:09:39 - Sara
Yeah, I don't even know that.

0:09:40 - Alix
Yeah, that's, that's a story. So Connor was working just like this nine to five job. I had just started my videography business and we were just kind of struggling like financially every month. We just couldn't get ahead cause, like rent was so high. We were in Colorado Springs and we had this like wanderlust We want to do so much traveling, but the finances were just not there. So I think one day I just randomly saw like one of the first van life accounts on Instagram and I showed Connor. I was like we should just do this And I think from that point it was like maybe two months and we were, you know, putting into action that plan.

0:10:20 - Chris
Ending our lease early, like how can we do this?

Let's just get out of our rental And it ended up working out really well. My parents started to do some more extended travel, so we were able to kind of look after their house and stay there instead while we built out the van, and that allowed us to save the rent money, and we put that money toward the building of the van every single month. So initially we did save up enough to buy the van outright without a loan, so that was super helpful. And then we basically put the whole build on a 0% interest credit card, so then we were able to pay that build over like one year And we ended up going into the van with zero debt and zero payments too.

0:11:07 - Alix
Yeah, Granted, this was, like you know, before 2020, it was so much cheaper. It was so much cheaper, right. So like the cost all in of our van plus our build, all our materials, was like less than you know what pro masters cost now like far less. So if you're hearing that, yeah, you're like that's crazy.

0:11:31 - Connor
We actually just got a comment on our YouTube on one of our old van life videos and he put a sad emoji and he was like I just saw the date when this was posted because it was like we were going through our finances And it was like it was a steal, you know.

0:11:46 - Sara
That's so dated now I almost feel bad. maybe we should take that down, because it's like we did this for our van. We got that van new for like what 30 something thousand dollars or 41 thousand dollars. You couldn't find a van for even used at that rate. right now It's not.

0:12:02 - Connor
Yeah, yeah, and then we could do it. We couldn't have worked. I don't know if we could do van life now. Yeah, thank you all.

0:12:06 - Sara
So much for your time.

0:12:07 - Alix
Yeah, it's at the point where, like a lot of these vans cost it almost as much as our house, which, like for me, i'm just like I I can't stomach that.

0:12:19 - Connor
I don't understand, because it's a. It's a depreciating asset, no matter the way you look at it. You know It's always It, at least with the house, like you in the market, like you, hopefully, will make money off on it over time. But with a van I'm just I don't know.

0:12:35 - Sara
I scare I'm gonna wreck it. I've never had a wreck in my life but I know the time I have one is gonna be in some crazy nice van. I cannot afford now. Let's get them to explain their van life past.

0:12:44 - Chris

0:12:44 - Sara
Yeah, traveling in. Where are you from? Give us the breakdown of who you are.

0:12:49 - Chris
So we we built a 2017 Ram Pro master In 2019 and we took that whole year to build it. We did the whole build ourselves. It was like a little cargo van before that, totally empty, but we got a good one. It hasn't broken down in Four years now.

0:13:13 - Alix
Oh yeah.

0:13:14 - Chris
Our build hasn't really broken. So, yeah, we picked a reliable one and and we did it all ourselves to save money And it just turned out really well that way. And then in 2022 we We bought a house. So now we're part-time and we go on two-week trips here and there two weeks, six weeks. Six weeks, however long.

0:13:35 - Alix
Yeah, and we're in Colorado, based on the Colorado.

0:13:38 - Sara
That's like the best place to live and own a van.

0:13:40 - Connor
It really is.

0:13:41 - Sara
We say that's every time but me and you hit those Rocky Mountains, it's like everything beyond that West is just paradise for a van, totally.

0:13:48 - Alix
There's so much public land and whenever we go like south or even just east of Colorado, we're just like shocked how much harder things get for van life with the lack of access to public land.

0:14:00 - Connor
So that's actually really funny, because you don't think about that unless you're in a van or you're like doing the whole RV, you're, you know, overlanding kind of life. Yeah the East Coast. It's very limited on where you can park Overnight, you know, but then when you hit the West Coast it is everything's your playground. It feels like it anyway.

0:14:17 - Sara
Like, yeah, and then stuff on the East Coast is far from everything. It seems like like most of the National Forest are not near any major city, so half the time you're driving like an hour and a half to town or something. It's not.

0:14:27 - Connor
It's not convenient, it doesn't feel like and do we need to explain like that? Oh?

0:14:31 - Sara
yeah, i guess we could explain, for people who don't know what van life is like, what we're talking about. So if you're not familiar with federal lands, bureau of land management, national Forest, a lot of federal lands are free to park on is what we're getting at. So those are the two that we rely on and you're pretty much allowed to stay in those spots for 14 days without moving And then you can move literally like 10 feet over and you can start again.

0:14:52 - Chris
So a lot of van livers like ourselves.

0:14:54 - Sara
We go to these amazing places. A lot of national forest and BLM spots are Back to back with some of America's National Park, so you get it camp essentially in the National Park, but for free. So that's what we're talking about and that's half the appeal in van life, at least for us. I don't know about you guys, but we love that.

0:15:09 - Alix
Oh, for sure It's cool because, like you said, in a lot of states, especially in the West, you can stay on public land for free, like right outside. So we were just in Santa Fe and we stayed on this BLM that was like I don't know 10 minutes outside of downtown or something Yeah, for two weeks and you get to live in that city, which otherwise, like we would never be able to afford to live, like downtown Santa Fe. So that's like one of the best parts of van life, for sure in any city.

0:15:37 - Chris
We've done it, you know, in places like Sedona, Glacier National Park, Bend, Oregon. Like you know, two or three hundred dollars for a hotel room for a night That is our grocery bill for a few weeks of living there in the van.

0:15:53 - Sara
I love it. I love it so much, i miss it. Now that you've lived van life for four years, would you still do it again Like? would you still choose it again?

0:16:02 - Alix
Oh yeah.

0:16:03 - Chris
I feel like we are still choosing it because We didn't have to sell the van to buy our house. In fact we really wanted to keep it because we didn't just want to be in a house And our house does get boring like we're super thankful to have one to have some like true rest and relaxation. But we bought this house knowing that like we still need to get out there in our van, It's still like a deep. Yeah need for us.

0:16:31 - Alix
It just like there's no other Form of travel that lets you really experience places, like having a van, does you know? because you get to live in those places, like go to where the locals go, all that stuff. So I don't, we've never regretted it, and in fact it's something like when we go internationally now we even Miss van life, because it's just you get to experience so much more in a van or whatever Truck, camper, whatever, so we don't regret it at all.

0:17:02 - Chris

0:17:02 - Alix
It's probably the best thing we've done. Yeah in our lives.

0:17:06 - Chris
Yeah, it's opened up so many doors. And I just remember, before we built the van and we started traveling, i just had this insatiable itch for adventure and, living in Colorado, i feel like everybody has a certain level of that. You want to go climb mountains, but you always want to do more, like you want to climb a mountain in the next state over, or you want to go mountain bike this trail in Oregon and it's just like how do you get there? How do you do that, rather than just doing your local adventures which there's nothing wrong with those, of course But over a few years, i don't know, i just kept wanting to do more and more and more, but didn't have the money to, like, go on international expeditions every year, or, yeah, the van just scratched that itch. So So well, and I just don't have that insatiable feeling anymore. I feel very Like pleased with how van life has Has affected our lives.

0:18:05 - Connor
Yeah how did you make money while you were full time in the van Like? what were you doing during that time?

0:18:12 - Alix
Sugar mama. Um no, we had a full-time wedding allotment videography business, so kind of like our whole Van life was kind of focused around our wedding and allotment shoots. So like it kind of dictated where we would travel. Like, for example, every summer we'd have to stay put in Colorado because that's where most of our shoots were, and then The rest of the time is just me editing videos in the van.

0:18:43 - Chris
But Yeah, so we could edit them from wherever so we could go, you know, to warm places in the winter When we didn't have shoots. She would edit videos, deliver them from a coffee shop. I dealt with inquiries and did our website and things like that.

0:19:02 - Alix
It was just like the, the van man, like he would do the driving. You know All this stuff like researching where to sleep at night. If you, if you do van life, you know that that's like almost a part-time job. It's not a full-time job. So that was Connor's job for that time.

0:19:19 - Chris
She just had to worry about the editing, Yeah, and I worried about how to survive in a van Yeah that is a job.

0:19:26 - Connor
Yeah, that's, i mean teamwork, for sure, oh, well, and you just like brought back a flood of memories for me, because I remember I remember being so frustrated or just kind of Fed up of not fed up, but I remember being so frustrated like you would go into a new town and you have to think about Everything. You have to think about where to get water, you have to think about how to do laundry, where to get food, how where to park for the night, and then if you get in too late and it's, you know, past dusk, you know it's night and you're like, oh, i guess I'm gonna sleep in a parking lot tonight because I really don't want to drive this back road and Did so. I'm guessing that was sort of the same for for you guys as well like to find like setting up new routines and Different places around the country.

0:20:11 - Alix
Yeah, pretty much. And van life, like like you said, it's so exhausting because you have, i feel like, just so many more decisions in your day than like you know When you live in a house and part of that is you know You'll go park somewhere to work because it has great service or shade or whatever, and then midday The Sun is like hitting your van and it's 90 degrees and you're like we gotta move and.

Amount of times that you like sit. You're like, okay, work for an hour. Move like work for an hour. Some guys just hanging outside your van smoking.

0:20:44 - Sara
You got a move Like yeah so you're Sara's over here like cackling because you're bringing back all the It's been long enough that we've been out of the van like almost a year, that everything is just like golden. I'm like, oh, i miss it. I miss like I'm sitting here here, Chris talk like oh, you have to go to a new town, like fine, start a new routine, you find laundry and groceries and water. But I I'm over here thinking I love the excitement of something new every time. But then I hear that and I'm like, oh yeah, it's not all golden.

0:21:17 - Alix
I mean like you, still I feel silly for like complaining about it because people are like I would kill to. You know, do my job at the Grand Canyon. But you know, since we're talking to fellow van life people now and I feel like everyone's like, oh yeah, you, you move like Seriously some days. It's like 10 times a day. Yeah and you're just like I, just want to sit, and you know, be able to concentrate.

0:21:42 - Sara
Right, yeah, oh my gosh, i remember Those are the days.

Yeah but let's focus on the good here. Like we know that there's a lot of bad, i don't want to skip over that because it is hard. I think people go into it Like with this expectation that's gonna be like Instagram, which we all know right now is not real. But I ironically or not ironically but you guys, i never knew how you guys got into van life and it's almost Identical to our story. We were living in apartment, paying too much, and then I found it on Instagram. I'm sure it decreased and then, within like two months, we had our first van and we're building out at my parents house.

Yeah yeah, twinsies there.

0:22:18 - Chris
Yeah, thank you Instagram.

0:22:21 - Connor
Thanks a lot You've done to us. Well influenced Can we talk about the Instagram moments, about van life, i mean, because we we see these posts all the time and it'll be some girl, guy, whoever but their back doors are open. There's an amazing river or valley right there Looking out, and it's just and like the sun is peeking through the door. I mean that never once happened in our life and van life I mean.

0:22:48 - Sara
I shouldn't say like I mean I've gotten to the point. I see those photos now and all I can think is I wonder what I don't see in that photo, like how many mosquitoes are in that van right now? Like how hot is it? They're not showing it Totally.

0:23:00 - Alix
I think we've had like one moment like that when we were in the honeymoon phase. We're like at the Grand Canyon, i'm like we gotta get this photo with the back doors open. We're just like laying on the bed looking at the view. So stupid, like so dumb. But yeah, that happened about once. And then after that we realize, yeah, you, you can't have your doors open because the bugs Oh my gosh. Usually the heat, like the Sun, is, you know, beating on you at 90 degrees or it's too cold or it's too cold.

0:23:30 - Sara
I mean, i think we had some moments. We were out of the door, but I remember sitting, especially in our second van with the seats swiveled around our first No, our first day of the tube. But we had the heater underneath the passenger seat and sometimes it was so cold So I'd open up. Sliding doors are gonna have that moment of like, looking and enjoying where I bet, but I'd blast that heater full blast underneath you like this is fun, this is great.

0:23:50 - Alix
Exactly the other thing with like those moments too. Now, you know, in the beginning of van life We would kind of keep all of our like window covers off when we had parked. And in the beginning van life is so new We'd have so many people like come up to us and be like, do we see inside your van? But with that we'd also have people just come over and just like straight up, look into our van. So we started to, you know, put the window covers on. And it's funny, now, like three years later, we'll drive to a place, park immediately, put all the covers on.

0:24:30 - Sara
I remember our first van had the windows. We had tinted them as dark as you could legally tent windows in a van Because I knew, we knew we were gonna go to hot places like a heat out, whatever. But I can't tell you how many times we'd be sitting in a parking lot or something You know one of the many times we have to move in a day And we'd sit there and people would walk up and maybe like scratching, like checking their teeth in our mirror. We were inside the van just watching them.

0:24:53 - Connor
That's awesome, 

0:24:54 - Speaker 2

It was awful And I remember. I remember being in Glacier National Park and we were being the Youtubers We were getting well, it wasn't that early, was like midday, but we were trying to get shots on the side of going, of the going to the Sun Road, and we see this whole cluster of people like waddle up the street Oh my gosh to our van and I'm like well, Hanging off the side of the ridge.

Yeah and like yeah, So there's just there's literally just a guardrail and like there's a two-lane trap. You know two lane road and our van We had the only spot that you could park at and this whole cluster of people are walking towards us and I'm like, what are these people doing? they're gonna get hit and And they were. They were a very nice family, but they had seen van life on Instagram And, no joke, they were hanging on the side of the van door off the cliff, just like trying to get in our van and we're But it wasn't just what.

0:25:48 - Sara
Like we open it, like we see van, that they weren't American. So they're like can we see van, can we see the van? and we're like sure. So we open up the side door, and Not one, but like three or four of it. It was like mom, dad, grandma and grandkid.

0:25:59 - Connor
I have it all on video.

0:26:00 - Sara
Stating in our band. I'm like.

0:26:04 - Connor
This whole experience on video and you can see yeah, and Sara and I, we're never. I, we never are the combative. I mean we'll try to go with the flow as much as we can. And so we're just over there smiling like watching the world fall apart as These people are climbing through our van and I'm like what is happening. But I mean, Kramer, meanwhile is this like stranger danger, like I'm gonna get them like what do you want me to do? Like yeah, we.

0:26:30 - Alix
I don't know if you guys experience this, but we have like a full bathroom in our van with the door and everything, and often times, like when we stop for gas, he'll fill up gas and I'll go pee in our toilet thing. I can't tell you how many times I have been peeing in there and somebody approaches Connor like the door will be open And I can we see in your van and they, full on, come in and I'm just like I'm in here And I'm so awkward I'll just be totally silent. A normal person would be like, hey, i'm using the bathroom, could you not? I'm just like, and I'm like, yeah, that's our bathroom.

0:27:05 - Chris
I can't open it right now.

0:27:15 - Connor
They had. Van life gives us so many amazing moments and so many awkward moments.

0:27:19 - Sara
It's awkward or what I remember the best, like those. Oh yeah Well.

0:27:23 - Connor
I remember selling our second van, this past van, and we were showing it to a couple and Not the couple who bought it not the couple who bought it, But that this couple wanted to tour and she's like what's in here and it was the cabinet where our toilet was and she opened it up and then she stuck her hand fully into our toilet That has been used Like.

0:27:46 - Sara
This was not the new one we gave her.

0:27:48 - Connor
No, we were gonna give them a brand-spanking new one, but we left our toilet in there just to show where the toilet go, Because we were living in it still Yeah we're still living in it. And she's. I watched her stick her whole hand in the toilet. She's like what is this? And I'm like that's our toilet, ma'am. And then she just slowly pulled her arm out and then acted. I did not shake her hand after that. I'm like thank you, thank you.

0:28:09 - Sara
I think, yeah, they wanted to be, but I think that moment sort of killed it for her.

0:28:13 - Connor
I think it, yeah, it killed it for us.

0:28:15 - Chris
What could you think? that was Like a storage compartment. I don't know.

0:28:20 - Connor
I don't know. I'm like it's where we keep our food. You know, it's like a bear trap or something.

0:28:24 - Alix
That's honestly something I would do, and then I would be like, okay, bye guys, and I would move states. You never hear from me.

0:28:34 - Sara
Okay, so we've talked funny moments And I know we're gonna have more funny band stories somewhere in here. but what is the scariest moment you guys have experienced in band life? Cause I know that we've been parked in the middle of nowhere and you have those moments that are just I don't know. people ask a lot Like is band life scary, parking in the middle of nowhere? Have you guys had any experiences where you're like ugh, don't love this?

0:28:54 - Chris
There's plenty of sketchy, like kind of sketchy experiences that never really come to fruition, like really sketchy four wheel drive roads that you don't know if you're gonna make it down. Well, there was one in Colorado, where our brake lights came on cause our brake fluid was like too low and it was overheating And so we had to stop and like cool off the brakes halfway down cause you're breaking like a 8,000 pound vehicle down a mountain pass. That was one such experience, but like that's not super scary cause it all ended up fine. Yeah, i think maybe the scarier experiences has to do with winter. Again, i'll let you tell it.

0:29:41 - Alix
Yeah, scary in the sense not of like stranger danger. But we filmed a wedding on New Year's and Boulder and there happened to be like this crazy forest fire followed by this crazy blizzard, and we were in our van and it was in the middle of Boulder and after we're done, at like 1 am, we had to camp like on the side of this city street. So we camped there overnight. It was like negative, i don't know negative something.

0:30:10 - Chris
It was just snowing a lot. It snowed all day and we could barely even drive to this roadside just like. Parking on the side of the road was difficult cause there was so much snow.

0:30:21 - Alix
So we parked there. It's on the side of the city street, like it just keeps snowing. We try our heater and it doesn't work. And we're like man, if this doesn't work, what are we gonna do? Cause you couldn't drive home then the blizzard was too bad. Anyway, after about like 10 tries we get it to work. That's another thing about van life with these heaters I won't even go into, but we get it to work.

Then the next morning we wake up and, i kid you not, our van is like an igloo, like it has snowed so much we had to shovel our van out and then what is usually a two hour drive for us home to Colorado Springs took us like seven hours. I-25, all the highways were just pure ice. We just the whole day our van was sliding around And so like. For me that was the scariest experience, just because, like you're also driving your house, you know. So that adds just a whole new level to things. But as far as like I don't know, feeling unsafe with people, i honestly have never felt unsafe Like I don't think ever.

0:31:31 - Chris
Yeah, we've gotten maybe some bad vibes here and there, but, like I said, they never end up being anything bad.

0:31:38 - Connor

0:31:39 - Chris
No confrontations or scary instances with people, thankfully.

0:31:46 - Alix
I could tell one story that like is-.

0:31:50 - Chris
I used to probably tell it now.

0:31:51 - Alix
Okay, now I gotta tell it. So the only time when I truly been creeped out by somebody we're like in Arizona and we're parked in this huge like trailhead parking lot It is huge, like the size of a football field, we are literally the only ones We're parked there then this one guy comes in and parks, i kid you, not like three feet from our van.

0:32:17 - Chris
Like it's a parking space.

0:32:18 - Alix
And we're like all of Texas is before you to park in this huge lot and you have to park next to us And it gets worse. So I'm already annoyed cause I'm like an introvert, i wanna be by myself. This guy parks next to us, then he gets out, sets up a cot next to our van.

0:32:37 - Chris
Between his car and our van.

0:32:38 - Alix
He's gonna sleep here. Then he lays on the cot and calls somebody. He is on the phone for I literally think like over an hour.

0:32:48 - Chris
The entire evening because we actually moved.

0:32:52 - Alix
Talking about crazy stuff, Like I don't know who this person on the other line was, but they were just like kill me.

0:32:59 - Chris
Conspiracy theories everyone you've ever heard of.

0:33:02 - Alix
Crazy stuff, and it's. He's right next to, like, our little window where our heads are in our bed, and so I'm just laying there and I'm like I can't do it. God is like well, what do you wanna do? We can't move. it'll be too obvious, cause we're literally two people in this lot.

0:33:16 - Chris
I was like I don't care.

0:33:17 - Alix
So I like in the driver's seat, i'm like, turn out of there And I would love to have this on video. I freaking turn out of there, go to the other side of the parking lot and park.

0:33:31 - Chris
So I was like him over here and I was like wait over here.

0:33:34 - Alix
I was like I can't do it.

0:33:36 - Sara
So you said get out of here, but you stay. He just moved.

0:33:40 - Chris
I mean, that was the campsite. It was either that or keep driving on the highway.

0:33:44 - Sara
So That's home.

0:33:45 - Connor
That's home for the night. We have a similar story sort of. Yeah, we have a similar story, but we. it didn't end with us driving across the parking lot, It ended with us driving down the highway.

0:33:57 - Sara
Yeah, and I don't think we've. This is what we think of Moab Yeah.

0:34:02 - Connor
Moab, Utah, is like supposed to be van life Mecca, you know, it's just it's supposed to be this really hub spot for a lot of van lifers, and so Sara and I went out there, and I don't know if we've ever mentioned this online.

0:34:13 - Sara
I think we have eventually, but go ahead and tell it again, so we. He likes the story.

0:34:17 - Connor
I love this story because it was. It's just so bizarre Like you run into these bizarre moments that would never happen if you weren't in a van or traveling like that. And so we were. We were in Moab. We found this cool place, i think on iOverlander, and we're like this is perfect. There was. You could see people down the street parked and everybody had their own kind of spot, and so we picked ours and we're like this is perfect.

0:34:40 - Sara
We took all of our Instagram photos. We use those same photos for like our our marketing for like a year, cause we had a great night to Instagram, we got our we got our photos.

0:34:49 - Connor
We had great dinner. It was one of the most relaxing nights of van life.

0:34:54 - Sara
It was one of the few off-grid spots that had cell service, so we were laying in bed watching TV like the office or something. It was amazing.

0:35:00 - Connor
Amazing. And then all of a sudden it was dark, It was probably around 9 PM or something like that, Because we're old, Because we're old, And we all of a sudden we hear this car pull up right next to our van and then the door slam And we're like what the crap? I'm like my thought was really like there's a, there's so much space, Why did you park right here? There's so much space. And then we hear another slam and another slam And then we start like hearing voices and I'm like I don't know what's happening And so I peeked my head out.

0:35:32 - Sara
It was pitch black too.

0:35:33 - Connor
It was pitch black. but now there's probably 20 something cars that are surrounding our van And there's, there's a, there's a car with a bunch of liquor out of the trunk.

0:35:45 - Sara
And they have right next to us.

0:35:46 - Connor
Right next to us. And then right, they built a fire right next to our propane tank on the outside of our van, And they were, and apparently in Moab it's very common for people to have coordinate parties and people, Whatever they call.

0:36:00 - Sara
I don't know what they call it, I don't know what they but they send coordinates.

0:36:02 - Connor
They're like meet at this place and let's have. And so all these people showed up at this place thinking that our van was a part of the party And we're, we were freaked out. And then I'm like we're going to blow up too because this fires by the propane tank. And so we get in the car and everybody's having a good time, and then all of a sudden we turn on the the van and we just drive out and you could tell everybody it was just like what the heck was, that You know just so.

0:36:28 - Sara
That van was huge too. It was like 24 feet long.

0:36:31 - Connor
Yeah, that was, that was our really big van Awesome.

0:36:33 - Alix
I feel like that's the difference between like introverts and extroverts. Extroverts like maybe let's join the party or tell people like Hey, you know, we're not part of the party. Introverts are just like let's quietly leave, yeah.

0:36:45 - Sara
Non-confrontational, like we're just going to go and never look back. Yeah.

0:36:51 - Alix
Oh, that's me.

0:36:53 - Sara
Oh my gosh.

0:36:54 - Connor
So all right, let's go. All right If somebody were to come to you today hearing all these stories, because I feel like we have, just like selling van life. I don't know if we are selling van life right now. I mean, you said that you wouldn't change it. You know, what would you tell somebody? They're like hey, i want to do van life. You know like, wow, what would you tell somebody right now?

0:37:14 - Chris
I think like all those risks are worth the reward. Yeah, you know, when you're in a house you have like no risk and you have low reward. But you know you have to go through all of these kind of trials and tribulations on the road And it's all worth it because of what you're able to do on a daily basis, like we love mountain biking, we love hiking and just traveling in general and finding new great places to eat and coffee shops, and that's what van life is all about.

That's what it allows you to do on a daily basis, and yeah, you can get all these funny stories you know as you go along, but it's way more good than bad.

0:37:57 - Alix
Yeah, and I would just say like I feel like the Instagram van life, there's so much focus on the vans. You know, it's like look at my van, it's in a place. Most of those vans are nicer than my house, you know, and if I were to give advice to somebody, i would say don't focus on the van, just focus on the experiences you want the van to give you Because, honestly, it's still, it's a car. So I don't know.

0:38:27 - Chris
Whether your version of van life is in an SUV or a truck camper or a tent, like just getting out there, i think is the most important thing, because you can do this lifestyle a variety of different ways. And we chose a van because we think it's the most convenient and, well, i would say, comfortable. But our van is also not comfortable. But, relative comfort.

0:38:54 - Sara
I get that. I get that. I mean Both of our vans like. I feel like we put a lot into them, like. but the second van especially was just like it was way and we had a lot of brand partners. They were very generous of us And it was honestly one reason I wanted to sell it. I was like this van is too nice, like I was, it was too nice for us. Like I felt like I was going to hurt it. I was constantly worried about how many miles I was putting on it And we had a lot of good times in that van. But I was ready to sell it. I was like let somebody else take it Who can afford it more than we can. I was like we don't need this much van. And I still look back And I think our favorite days are the days where it was simpler, you know but, I don't think it takes a lot Like it takes.

you know, have what you need to get by it, but it does not take all that much.

0:39:34 - Connor
Yeah, and for whatever, for whatever reason you know, being out on the road or living this nomadic lifestyle it creates these memories that are just like super ingrained into your head And, like we, at the moment you may be scared or very frustrated or whatever. But then you look back at it and it gives you these stories sort of worth telling. And I do miss that. I miss that because I feel like when this is our experience, this isn't everybody, but like when we're in our house, we're working and we're resting, and like there's not a lot of story.

0:40:11 - Sara
It's like Groundhog Day for me. I cannot stand it.

Like I hate that over and over. Like I love our house, i love our town, i love our neighbors, but man, it is, it's hard. Like every day is the same thing And like you don't remember it, there's no challenge, there's no abnormalities. Like there's this book called A Million Miles and A Thousand Years by Don Miller And he talks about like doing hard things and how you remember the moments more that you struggle through. And I've always remembered that And I can say without a shadow of doubt, like that is 100% true for me And I think Chris too like you remember the moments that you struggle through and that were a little bit difficult And at the time we're not fun, but then you look back and you're like, man, that was a really good time, like those are the good old days.

I don't know, I think that's one thing that being nice, really cool is. it gives people a little bit of a challenge in their everyday life And they may not realize it's important until afterwards. But that's my moment.

0:41:05 - Connor
Yeah, are there any do's or don'ts of van life that you'd be like, hey, don't do this or do this?

0:41:16 - Chris
I've got one. Maybe We put a ton of thought into the layout of our van and we made sure it checked all the boxes that we knew we would need And now, four years on, it still accomplishes everything we need. Like we haven't had to buy a new van or completely renovate our van because we knew we just wanted to do it once and do it right. And I think that that has like paid for itself and leaps and bounds Just doing it right the first time, Because, like I mentioned earlier, like we've just never had a payment to do van life Since we did it right the first time And then it's just always worked for us.

It's completely off grid, We have our bikes inside, We have a full time bed, so we're not switching that around every day, which over four years like can get pretty tiresome, I don't know. Just we just gave it so much thought. I mean it took us a full year to build our van And there were so many days that we just laid in the van and thought like well, should we do it this way or should we do it that way?

0:42:20 - Connor
I mean there's pros and cons to both.

0:42:24 - Chris
And we focus on each decision for like a week.

0:42:27 - Alix

0:42:28 - Chris
But it turned out with like our perfect van Yeah.

0:42:32 - Alix
So I would just say, if you're thinking about doing it, just take your time and don't rush into it and buy something. I mean, we even like a lot of our van life was spent in our half finished van. We would have to go to jobs and stuff And we would, you know, we just had like a bed, basically, and we use those times to really refine, like what we wanted, and change our minds about things. So that's how we ended up, you know, four years later, with a van that still works for us. So, yeah, that would be big advice is to just take your time, think about what you want, what's important to you, and just don't rush into anything.

0:43:12 - Chris
Yeah, Any other do's and don'ts.

0:43:16 - Alix
Well, this is just a personal thing, but I would say, do put a full bathroom in it.

0:43:23 - Chris
That's just my personal two cents.

0:43:25 - Alix
Okay, yeah, with a door preferably. That's all I'm saying. Yes, especially if you have two people, okay, just for sanitation, but also Man.

0:43:35 - Chris
It's like a lot of people say, Oh, i'm glad I didn't use the room for that. We always say, oh, i'm so glad that I included that. Yeah, i don't know how we would have lived in it especially full time, especially during COVID, without a bathroom, yeah, and especially if you're an active person who also wants to spend most of your van life outside of cities, which is us. We shower in it literally every two or three days. Like we use it all the time, so did we.

0:44:07 - Sara
That's still one of our most must haves. in our next rig is an indoor bathroom and the half full bathroom. All right, i'm going to ask you a very personal question.

0:44:13 - Connor
I do expect you to answer it When somebody is using the restroom.

0:44:17 - Sara
What is the procedure?

0:44:18 - Connor
Okay, let me lay out the procedure for you. Okay.

0:44:23 - Chris
Alex literally hoped that you'd ask this Yeah.

0:44:26 - Alix
I told him. I was like I hope he asked about this because this is my first like I could talk about this all day. All right, this is a procedure. Okay, at least these are the Alex rules. If you've got to go, the other person needs to leave the van. That's just, in my opinion, okay. Negative 10. Is that a number one or number two situation?

0:44:47 - Connor
or both. Oh, just number two, like, if you just got a P.

0:44:51 - Alix
That's fine, Okay, Number two other person's got to leave the van If you're somewhere, you know you're not going to be able to get a van. If you're somewhere or they're working, they can't leave the van. You got to turn the ceiling fan on high. Then you got to turn your music on your phone as loud as it will possibly go, because if I hear anything I'm going to lose it.

And that's the procedure. Oh, also, we have a diffuser in our van. If you go, you got to turn that on. So yeah, those are the Alex rules I don't know about you guys, but No, that's for sure That's but,

0:45:27 - Sara
I'd say, yeah, that's true, but can I be honest about Chris? for one second and the entire three or four years we lived in a van, he net he will use the bathroom Number two one time.

0:45:37 - Connor
I would hold it. I would hold it in. For days I said I don't care if we're, i don't care if we're out in the middle of nowhere. I will hold it in because what I'm about to produce will destroy this.

0:45:48 - Sara
But I remember the day you finally did he's, i have to do it. I was like do it.

0:45:53 - Chris
Do it. That is so impressive, so you'd wait till, like public restrooms.

0:45:58 - Connor
Yes, but I'm very picky about my public restrooms So like I make sure to go into the really nice neighborhood, go to the Whole Foods, go to like a really boutique coffee shop, like if the barista's snotty, i'm like get me in, let's do this right now.

0:46:13 - Sara
I hope you tip well.

0:46:14 - Chris
Chris only likes destroying the bougie toilets.

0:46:18 - Connor
Exactly, exactly I remember, i remember. I remember. Although, if you want to get personal and throw me under the bus, let's do this.

0:46:27 - Sara
No, don't say the white fish story.

0:46:29 - Connor
Which one, wait, which one are you saying? What white fish story? No, which one are? you saying No, let's go ahead. I don't want to say Go ahead, let's talk about this, let's talk about this.

0:46:39 - Sara
No, you don't remember when the dump broke and it was like Oh, my word. We're not talking about that one on there?

0:46:47 - Connor
Yeah, no, we are going to talk about it.

0:46:48 - Sara
We're in Montana. There's a gas station where the dump station does not work and it, like everything, came out of the toilet and had to go through like this, like a shower drain that had slats in it. So Chris sat there for like 30 minutes running water until it dissolved.

0:47:03 - Connor
In all of it Like it was.

0:47:05 - Sara
And I knew you guys like two hours later.

0:47:07 - Connor
Yeah, we yeah, we didn't see you guys two hours later. And then we and the whole time, the whole time. While I'm doing this, i'm like this isn't even mine. This is all, Sara.

0:47:18 - Alix
Because you don't go. We're cutting this out.

0:47:21 - Sara
No, we're not working for this. But I remember I was like hiding behind the curtain in the van. I was like peeking out. She was just like staring at me.

0:47:29 - Connor
She's crying right now. I do remember like we had. we had very similar rules of all right, hey, you know, if you have to go, you have to be outside very, very seldomly that it hit to where, like we were both in the van at the same time And we, we, yeah, very couple.

And so we and we had friends who told us at the very beginning of van life. They said this is called the marriage saver And it's called noise canceling headphones And they're like that'll save your marriage in a van. And they weren't wrong. They weren't wrong, but I do remember having to be stuck outside and there's mosquitoes everywhere And like you're trying not to rush the other person but it's still like you're getting eaten alive right now. You know it's awful.

0:48:15 - Sara
Oh my gosh, This got real personal y'all. So who wants to sign up for van life?

0:48:23 - Chris
It's such a big part of living in a van that people have to realize like you have to go to the bathroom every day, unless you're Chris.

0:48:30 - Sara
Yeah, yeah, hold it Y'all. It stressed me out so much. I was like Chris, you need to go.

0:48:34 - Connor
I've been to the doctor since, so no, oh my gosh.

0:48:39 - Sara
We're going to get so many comments. So many people are like that was disgusting.

0:48:46 - Connor
People are like tuning it, tuning us out right now. But yeah, but you're right, It's a part.

0:48:51 - Sara
It's such a huge part of it because if you don't want to go in your rig, then you have to use public restrooms or pit toilets or campgrounds which is fine for a season, but if we're talking like living in it indefinitely, like we did and you guys do, you don't want to have to always rely on having a pit toilet or going behind the tree, like we'll do it for a while, but after a while Done.

0:49:11 - Chris
All right.

0:49:11 - Sara
Okay, can we? we should end it with this. I know you guys have to go soon, so let's end it with. We've talked, like some of the crazy stories of Van Life. We've talked about the good and the bad, and I want people to know that Van Life truly is worth it, because I would. If the opportunity presented itself to buy a van again right now for a decent price, i would do it in a second, or I shouldn't say that.

Cause I don't feel like that's gonna fit our next season of life, but I would tell somebody to do it, cause I love Van Life. I wish we hadn't sold ours as quick as we did, but it is what it is. But oh, i was not gonna go with this, all right. So we want to let people know that it is worth it, and I think a huge part of what's worth it is that you get to go to all these incredible places. For us, our favorite places were Montana, Washington, Idaho, Maine, like we love the Pacific Northwest and Maine. So for you guys, what had been your favorite places or moments that made you say, yes, this is it.

0:50:01 - Alix
I think favorite places Sedona would be pretty high up there.

0:50:06 - Chris
Yeah, for, like our favorite winter place, we went back three years in a row to Sedona. Her birthday is in January, so she's always had to be in the cold winter Colorado, so that's kind of been a nice yearly thing we've done for her birthday is go to Sedona. And our favorite time in Sedona was two years ago when she turned 30. She wanted to do 30 miles on her 30th birthday 30 on 30. And we literally lived in Sedona for a month and trained for this because there's so many trails there right outside the van door And then parked at a trailhead and did 30 miles of biking and running from the van in a day And that was like your birthday. So just a really special experience.

0:50:57 - Alix
I think other top ones would be McCall, Idaho, Glacier National Park, because we go there pretty much every year for work And then we also get to hike around and stuff. And then I would probably say this summer we did a road trip six weeks And we went through Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon And that was probably the best six weeks we've ever had in the van.

0:51:23 - Chris
Yeah, like the best trip And within that I would say, Oregon just blew us away. I mean, we made a YouTube series on that trip.

0:51:32 - Sara
Yeah, i was gonna say y'all. Cotton and Alex made an incredible. is it three or four videos from the summer? How many was it? Three, three, three videos of their time on that road trip this summer that we watched them like as?

0:51:46 - Chris
soon as they came out, they were beautiful.

0:51:49 - Sara
I mean, they made me feel so nostalgic for the. West. Like I told Chris, I was like, let's go to Montana this summer, Like I wanted to be back there so bad. They made me feel something. So we're gonna link everything down below. But go check out those video series. Check them out on Instagram Acts of Adventure. But yeah, you've gotta go watch those videos. You guys did an incredible job with those.

0:52:06 - Chris
Thank you, thank you, guys. You're always our biggest fans of our like 300 views, so we really appreciate it. Wow.

0:52:14 - Connor
You guys, seriously, we're so happy for you For real you guys I mean Sara said this, but you made us feel something and I feel like That's hard to do on YouTube, that's hard to do And like that's what we always look for when we watch something Like we wanna feel something. You know, we want to feel, whether it's happy or sad. We're like we want to feel information's a dime or dozen I mean you can give that everywhere but like, if you can make something feel a moment, i'm like man. That is just powerful.

0:52:41 - Sara
Yeah, you did such a good job capturing each of the places and each of the videos. I felt it Like I could feel the heat and the summer days or I don't know the hikes Like it. Just, oh my gosh, i'm gonna have to go back and watch those actually.

0:52:52 - Connor
Yeah, yeah, so they were really good.

0:52:54 - Sara
Congratulations on that. That was amazing.

0:52:55 - Connor
All right, I know we don't have you for long.

0:52:58 - Chris
So, we do have to let you go.

0:53:00 - Connor
Yeah, so, but if people wanted to follow along, or if they wanna contact you for wedding photography, or what would you like people to know about you? Where can they reach you?

0:53:12 - Alix
We're AXIV Adventure on Instagram and YouTube and our website is Acts of Adventure, if you're interested in videography. Yeah, we don't do the TikToks or any of that new stuff. Millennials, yeah, millennials.

0:53:34 - Sara
I can't do it. I still can't do it.

0:53:36 - Connor
Yeah, i think we have had so much fun having you on this podcast and I wanna do it again and I don't know if people enjoyed this, but we enjoyed it and whether it's talking about bands or travel, whatever, i wanna have you guys back on because this was a lot of fun.

0:53:55 - Sara
And maybe we'll just come out to Colorado. Yeah, i'm gonna go look at Tickets to Colorado right now.

0:53:59 - Chris
Let's all do it in one room next time. I feel like we have tons more to tell, so we'd love that.

0:54:06 - Alix
A lot of bathroom stories, you guys Just a plethora of long stories.

0:54:12 - Sara
It's such a huge component of.

0:54:13 - Connor
BAM life though, guys.

0:54:15 - Sara
Nobody understands it until they've done it.

0:54:17 - Connor
Thanks for watching and we'll see you in the next one.

0:54:20 - Sara
Thanks for listening to what no one tells you. with Kristen and Sara. If you have a comment or question that you want answered on the air, be sure to send us a message to hello at christensaracom, or you can call or text our phone number at 423-825-9572. Thanks for listening. 

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