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About The Episode

In this episode, Chris and Sara are podcasting from the beautiful high desert of Oregon, near Bend. They share their experiences of being back on the road with their new camper, discussing the transition from van life, the challenges, and the excitement of future adventures. They also dive into their recent visit to the Overland Expo and what it means for their travels.

Today's Guest

Chris and Sara are full-time travelers and content creators who document their adventures on YouTube and Instagram. Their podcast, "What No One Tells You," aims to provide honest and unfiltered advice about travel, creativity, and living a life on the road.

You'll Learn

  • Why Chris and Sara love Bend, Oregon, and their experiences in the high desert.
  • The process and challenges of transitioning from their Sprinter van to a new camper rig.
  • Insights from the Overland Expo, including tips and advice from experienced overlanders.
  • Chris and Sara’s aspirations for their new camper and future travel plans.
  • Practical tips for staying healthy and maintaining routines while traveling.
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