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About The Episode

In this episode, Chris and Sara sit down with Jason Moore, the host of the popular Zero to Travel podcast. Jason shares his journey from having a typical suburban upbringing to becoming a seasoned traveler and podcaster. With over a decade of podcasting experience, Jason offers valuable insights into the transformative power of travel, the evolution of the digital nomad lifestyle, and practical advice for those looking to make travel a bigger part of their lives. The conversation also covers his move to Norway, meeting his wife in a hostel in Brazil, and the importance of following your intuition and committing to travel.

Today's Guest

Jason Moore (Zero to Travel Podcast) Jason Moore is the host of Zero to Travel, one of the most popular travel podcasts. With over 11 years of podcasting experience, Jason has interviewed numerous travel experts and enthusiasts, sharing stories and advice on making travel a part of your life. Originally from outside Philadelphia and later based in Boulder, Colorado, Jason now resides in Oslo, Norway. His podcast and website offer a wealth of resources for aspiring travelers and digital nomads.

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You'll Learn

  • Jason’s journey from suburban Philadelphia to becoming a travel podcaster.
  • The impact of travel on personal growth and transformation.
  • Practical advice on how to start traveling, including budget tips and digital nomad lifestyle insights.
  • The story of how Jason met his wife in a hostel in Brazil and moved to Norway.
  • The importance of committing to travel and following your intuition.
  • How to balance different types of travel experiences, from budget travel to luxury.
  • The concept of micro-adventures and finding travel opportunities close to home.
  • Tips for maintaining a sense of adventure and curiosity in your travels.
  • Resources

  • Follow Jason Moore on Instagram: @zerototravel
  • Official Website: Zero to Travel
  • Listen to Zero to Travel Podcast: Zero to Travel Podcast
  • Jason's Newsletter: Zero to Travel Newsletter
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