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About The Episode

In this episode, we chat with Jackie Nourse, also known as Traveling Jackie, about her incredible journey as a solo female traveler and group trip leader. Jackie shares how she balances international travel with overland adventures, the inspiration behind her travel brand, and the evolution of her group trips, now known as Jump Adventures. Tune in to hear about Jackie's experiences, her approach to leading group trips, and the profound impact travel has had on her life.

Today's Guest

Jackie Nourse (aka Traveling Jackie) Jackie Nourse is a seasoned solo female traveler, content creator, and group trip leader. Known for her blog and podcast under the name "Traveling Jackie," she has inspired countless adventurers through her stories and travel experiences. Jackie started organizing group trips in 2016, which have since evolved into Jump Adventures, offering unique travel experiences to destinations like Patagonia, New Zealand, and Switzerland. Her mission is to connect people to places, themselves, and each other through the transformative power of travel.

Follow Jackie on Instagram: @travelingjackie
Visit her website: Traveling Jackie
Explore Jump Adventures: Jump Adventures

You'll Learn

  • How Jackie balances international travel with overland adventures.
  • The organic growth of Jackie's group trips into Jump Adventures.
  • Insights into leading group trips and designing unique travel experiences.
  • The importance of community and connection in travel.
  • Tips for integrating travel into your life, even with a busy schedule.
  • How Jackie navigates the logistics of group travel, from airport parking to on-the-ground coordination.
  • The value of local partnerships and guides in creating authentic travel experiences.
  • Encouragement for those considering starting their own travel or content creation journey.
  • Resources

  • Follow Jackie Nourse on Instagram: @travelingjackie
  • Jackie's Website: Traveling Jackie
  • Jump Adventures: Jump Adventures
  • Traveling Jackie's Podcast: Jump with Traveling Jackie
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