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About The Episode

In this episode, Chris and Sara chat with Allyson Overland, a passionate van lifer and dog mom, about her experiences traveling with her dog Kenai. Allyson shares her journey from car camping to upgrading to a 144 Sprinter van, her strategies for ensuring Kenai's safety and comfort on the road, and the challenges and joys of traveling with a dog. She also discusses her upcoming plans to travel to Alaska and the potential of exploring van life in Europe.

Today's Guest

Allyson Overland is a dedicated van lifer and content creator who travels with her Australian Shepherd, Kenai. Known for her detailed planning and love for adventure, Allyson documents her travels and shares insights into van life and dog travel on her social media platforms. She has a background in social media marketing and is excited to start her own YouTube channel to document her travels.

You'll Learn

  • How Allyson transitioned from car camping to van life
  • Tips for traveling with a dog and ensuring their safety and comfort
  • The importance of understanding your dog's needs and training them for travel
  • Allyson's upcoming travel plans to Alaska and potentially Europe
  • The challenges of finding reliable care for your dog while traveling
  • Practical advice for aspiring van lifers and dog travelers
  • Resources

  • Allyson Overland on Instagram: @allysonoverland
  • Allyson Overland on TikTok: @allysonoverland
  • Allyson Overland on YouTube: Allyson Overland
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