31 Unique Things To Do in Charleston, South Carolina

Historic buildings and palm trees in Charleston, South Carolina

Welcome to the enchanting city of Charleston, South Carolina, where Southern charm meets rich history and stunning seaside scenery. Whether you're a history buff, a foodie, or someone who can't get enough of the great outdoors, Charleston's eclectic mix of activities promises something for everyone. In this guide, we'll wander through cobblestone streets, indulge in mouth-watering Southern flavors, bask on sunny beaches, and immerse ourselves in the vibrant culture that makes Charleston a must-visit destination. So, grab a sweet tea and let's dive into the best to-dos that this charming city has to offer. Get ready to fall in love with Charleston's irresistible allure and find out why it’s not just a place to visit—it's an experience to be cherished.

Palms and church steeple in Charleston, SC
Palms and church steeple in Charleston, SC

Where is Charleston, South Carolina?

Nestled along the Atlantic coastline, Charleston, South Carolina, is a gem of the South that brims with charm and history. This harbor city is famed not just for its well-preserved architecture and rich past, but also for the warm, inviting attitude that seems to be a way of life here. Whether you're strolling cobblestone streets lined with antebellum homes or savoring some shrimp and grits at a cozy eatery, you'll soon discover that Charleston is the kind of place that sticks with you long after you've left its shores. Charleston is conveniently located 2 hours from Savannah, Georgia (another one of our favorite cities!) which is similar but also very different that Charleston and worth a visit if you're already in the area.

Savannah, GA to Charleston, SC: 107 mi | 1 hr 58 min | Google Maps

Augusta, GA to Charleston, SC: 150 mi | 2 hr 52 min | Google Maps

Atlanta, GA to Charleston, SC: 305 mi | 4 hr 48 min | Google Maps

Charlotte, NC to Charleston, SC: 209 mi | 3 hr 14 min | Google Maps

The Best Things To Do in Charleston, South Carolina

From eye-catching landmarks and palate-pleasing delights to the whispers of history echoing through lively streets, each item on this list is a thread in the vibrant tapestry that is Charleston. Here's our handpicked selection of activities that promise to fill your visit with unforgettable memories.

Bright orange building in historic Charleston
Bright orange building in historic Charleston

Walk around the historic downtown area and admire the beautiful architecture

Strolling through Charleston's historic downtown area is like taking a time machine back to the past. With every step, you'll be greeted by charm-filled architecture that tells a tale of its own, from the Antebellum era homes to the cobblestone streets. As you meander through the narrow lanes, don't miss to gaze at the colorful Georgian houses, each adorned with a classic 'Charleston-style' side porch. Remember to look for the intricate ironwork, a characteristic feature of Charleston's architecture, showcasing the master craftsmanship of yesteryears.

Visit the Battery and White Point Garden

A visit to Charleston, South Carolina wouldn't be complete without stopping by the Battery and White Point Garden. This majestic public park, located at the southern tip of the Charleston peninsula, offers stunning views of Fort Sumter, Sullivan's Island, and the Charleston Harbor. If you're a history buff, you'll get a kick out of the antebellum-era cannons and monuments that pepper the park. It's like stepping into a history book, but instead of reading about the Civil War, you're standing right where it happened. And did we mention the live oaks? These ancient trees, dripping with Spanish moss, provide a shady canopy perfect for a relaxing afternoon picnic or a captivating book. If you're lucky, you might even spot a dolphin frolicking in the waters nearby.

Street in historic Charleston, SC
Street in historic Charleston, SC

Take a carriage ride through the city

Taking a carriage ride through the city is one of those quintessential Charleston experiences you just can't miss. While I prefer walking to riding in a carriage, there's a reason carriage rides are especially popular in Charleston. Your guide will regale you with tales of Charleston's past, pointing out landmarks and revealing hidden gems along the way. It's like a history lesson, only way more fun because you're on a carriage. You'll clip-clop along the cobblestone streets, passing under oaks draped in Spanish moss, and get to wave at the locals like you're in a parade. So sit back, relax, and let the horses do the walking.

Explore the French Quarter

Have you ever stepped into a place and felt like you've found your way into a postcard? That’s exactly how you'll feel when you wander into Charleston's French Quarter. Nestled between Broad Street and Market Street, this historic district stands out for its art galleries, boutiques, and some of the city's oldest buildings. As you explore, you’ll stumble across hidden courtyards, secret alleyways, and some of the most Instagram-worthy spots in the city. Be sure to pop into the Dock Street Theatre. Fun fact: it’s America’s first theater dating back to 1736. We'd recommend grabbing an iced coffee from Harken Cafe (one of my favorite cafes in Charleston), lace up your comfy shoes, and prepare yourself for a delightful journey into the heart of Charleston's vibrant history and culture.

Buildings in Charleston, South Carolina's French Quarter
Buildings in Charleston, South Carolina's French Quarter

Tour one of Charleston's many plantations

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the rich history of the South by visiting one of Charleston's many plantations. Imagine walking through lush gardens, exploring grand mansions and working farms, and learning about the complex history woven into these stunning landscapes. From the beautifully preserved Drayton Hall to the picturesque gardens of Magnolia Plantation or Boone Hall, each site offers a unique glimpse into an era gone by. Your visit won't just be a feast for the eyes, it's also a chance to engage with the area's storied past. It's like opening a living history book — one where you can touch the pages and smell the magnolias.

Note: I don't want to shy away from the fact that the Deep South's history surrounding plantations is all cheerful. While it's easy to sugarcoat the beauty of the plantations and market it as a glimpse into the beauty of the Deep South, remember to take a bit of time to reflect and learn about the horrors of slavery that surrounded these plantations and kept them running. We're big believers in not skimming over the hard stuff and focusing just on the good parts of history. By leaning in and learning from the past we can keep from making the same mistakes again in the present and future.

Relax at one of Charleston's beautiful beaches

After absorbing the city's rich history, it's time to let your hair down and bask in the natural beauty at one of Charleston's outstanding beaches. Whether it's the family-friendly Sullivan's Island, the vibrant Folly Beach, or the serene Isle of Palms, or even Hunting Island State Park (a bit more out of the way but worth the extra drive!), each beach offers its own unique vibe and charm. And, it’s not just about sunbathing – you can go surfing, play beach volleyball, or take a leisurely bike ride. As the day ends, don't miss the spectacular sunset painting the sky with hues of pink and orange. Visiting a Charleston area beach in the Low Country offers a truly unique landscape and experience. There are a few places in this world where the beach areas standout as truly unique and the Spanish Moss combined with the live, ancient oaks and wide (and often quiet) beaches is a beautiful combination.

Shaded buildings in Charleston, SC
Shaded buildings in Charleston, SC

Indulge in some classic southern cuisine

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with Charleston's classic southern cuisine! From hearty shrimp and grits to delectable Frogmore stew, the city's culinary scene is as vibrant and diverse as its history. Don't forget to leave room for dessert though - a slice of Huguenot Torte or a serving of rich, creamy banana pudding is a must. So, come with a healthy appetite and let Charleston's culinary charm weave its magic.

Enjoy a slow morning in a boutique hotel accommodation

Imagine waking up to the gentle clatter of horse hooves on cobblestone streets, the distant sound of seagulls, and the warm, golden light that peeks through plantation shutters - this is morning in a boutique hotel in Charleston. Charlseton is known for its unique accommodations, where each room tells a story, and the service is as warm as the Southern sun. From opulent inns that whisper of bygone eras to chic, modern retreats nestled in the heart of the city, these boutique hotels offer a serene refuge with charm to spare. Take your pick of a room with a wrought-iron balcony overlooking the storied streets, or a cozy nook in a restored mansion. Pour yourself a cup of locally-roasted coffee and let the slow rhythm of the city set the pace for your day. These intimate getaways are more than just a place to sleep—they are an integral part of the Charleston experience, inviting you to savor every moment of relaxation and comfort in the arms of Southern hospitality.

During a recent girls getaway weekend with one of my best friends from college we stayed at The Palmetto Hotel and had a lovely time. You can read about our entire experience at Charleston, South Carolina's Palmetto Hotel here.

Palmetto Hotel, Charleston, South Carolina
Inside the Palmetto Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina

Browse the stalls at the Charleston City Market

No visit to Charleston, South Carolina is complete without a stroll through the iconic Charleston City Market. This bustling marketplace is the heartbeat of the city, where locals and tourists alike come to discover unique treasures and soak up the vibrant atmosphere. Here you can find everything from artisan crafts, locally made jewelry, and sweetgrass baskets handwoven by local Gullah artisans, to a diverse selection of local food and produce. So, whether you're on the hunt for the perfect souvenir, looking to snack on some boiled peanuts, or just enjoy the lively buzz, the Charleston City Market is a must-visit.

Address: 188 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29401

Hours: Everyday 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Admission: Free

Visit Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National Monuments

When you're in Charleston, a trip to the Fort Sumter National Monument is an absolute must. This is where the first shot of the Civil War was fired, sparking a conflict that would shape the nation. Today, the fort stands as a symbol of endurance and a testament to American history. Hop on a ferry and cross the beautiful Charleston Harbor to reach this historic island fortress. As you explore the grounds, you can't help but feel the weight of history around you. Take your time wandering around the ruins, picturing the soldiers who once walked these very grounds, and don't forget to check out the museum for some fascinating insights into the events that took place here. Standing on this island, it's easy to imagine the echo of cannon fire over the water.

Note: Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie are nation monuments which means they are owned and operated by the National Parks Service (NPS). If you're like us and visit lots of U.S. national parks every year, we'd highly recommend getting the America the Beautiful annual pass which gives you unlimited access to all 400+ properties in the USA owned and operated by the NPS.

Address: Google Maps

Hours: Everyday 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Admission: Fort Sumter is free to enter, Fort Moultrie is $10 per person or free if you have the America the Beautiful annual pass. However, because the monuments are on an island a boat is required to get you to and from the island which is a separate fee. Reservation and fee information can be found on the ferry's official vendor site here.

Go shopping on King Street

If you enjoy doing a bit of shopping while on vacation, King Street is the place to do said shopping while in Charleston. This vibrant street, with its historic charm and modern flair, is a shopper's paradise, offering everything from designer boutiques and high-end fashion to quirky vintage stores and local artisan shops. Stroll down the boulevard, enjoy the beautiful window displays, and lose yourself in the diverse range of goods on offer - you might even stumble upon that perfect keepsake to remember your trip by. And when you need a break from all the shopping, King Street is also packed with cozy cafes and charming eateries, perfect for a quick bite or a leisurely lunch.

Address: Google Maps

Golden hour in Charleston, SC
Golden hour in Charleston, SC

Visit the sites where movies have been filmed in Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina has had its fair share of limelight in the film industry, serving as the backdrop for several iconic movies. Take a stroll down memory lane as you visit these picturesque filming locations, each one brimming with cinematic history. From the Southern glamour of The Notebook  to Revolutionary War favorite, The Patriot, these sites offer a glimpse behind the silver screen. You might also recognize the beautiful cobbled streets and antebellum houses from Dear John and North and South.

Alleyway in Charleston
Alleyway in Charleston

See a show at Dock Street Theatre

The Dock Street Theatre, with its quaint facade and rich history offers the opportunity to support the local arts while also getting a taste of America's theater history. This theatre, believed to be the first in America built exclusively for theatrical performances in 1736, is located in the heart of the historic French Quarter. Whether it's a Shakespearean play, a musical, or a local production, each show promises an evening of exceptional performances and unforgettable memories. The theatre's stunning craftsmanship, from its ornate iron balcony to its box seats, and its fabulous productions create a mesmerizing blend of the old and new, making every visit a trip back in time.

Address: 135 Church St, Charleston, SC 29401 | Google Maps

Hours: Varies by production

Admission: Varies by production

Take a sunset cruise

End your day in Charleston, South Carolina with a breathtaking sunset cruise on the peaceful waters of the Charleston Harbor. Let the warm colors of the setting sun create a picturesque backdrop to the city's skyline as you pass by historical landmarks, stunning mansions, and maybe even a pod of playful dolphins. This is the perfect way to relax after a day packed with exploration and adventure. Kick back and relax, snap some stunning photos, and let the gentle ocean breeze carry your worries away. After all, life is just as much about these quiet moments of beauty as it is about the busy adventures, and in Charleston, they're best enjoyed on the water.

A variety of cruise options are available in Charleston from sailboat cruises that offer a taste of adventure with your dose of relaxation to full dinner cruises. Pick whichever option most interests you and have fun!

Sunset in Charleston, South Carolina
Sunset in Charleston, South Carolina

Visit the South Carolina Aquarium

A visit to the South Carolina Aquarium is a favorite activity amongst kids visiting Charleston, but adults love it, too! This remarkable institution is home to thousands of beautiful and exotic aquatic creatures from river otters and sharks, to loggerhead turtles and jellyfish. You'll journey from the mountains to the sea as you explore exhibits representing the rich biodiversity of South Carolina. There's even a touch tank where you can get up close and personal with horseshoe crabs and Atlantic stingrays. The aquarium also leads conservation initiatives, so you can feel good knowing your visit contributes to the protection of these amazing creatures.

Address: 100 Aquarium Wharf, Charleston, SC 29401 | Google Maps

Hours: Everyday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Admission: Ticket prices very by ~$5 - 10 depending on what day you plan to visit (peak times = peak prices). Starting prices are as follows - Adults: $29.75, children (ages 3 - 12): $23.80, children (under 3): Free.

Attend a festival or event

Charleston is known for its vibrant festival and event scene, offering a whole slew of events year-round that add an extra layer of fun and excitement to your visit! There's the famous Spoleto Festival USA, an annual 17-day art festival that fills Charleston’s historic theaters, churches, and outdoor spaces with performances by renowned artists and emerging performers in disciplines ranging from opera, theater, music theater, dance, and chamber, symphonic, choral, and jazz music. Then there's the Charleston Wine + Food Festival, a culinary extravaganza that takes over the city every spring, celebrating the region's rich food culture with cooking demonstrations, tastings, and special dinners. And who could forget the Charleston Fashion Week, featuring runway shows, interactive entertainment, chic after-parties, and press events. Each event offers a unique way to experience Charleston's rich culture, so be sure to check the city's event calendar when planning your trip.

Window boxes in the city
Window boxes in the city

Check out Rainbow Row

A trip to Charleston wouldn’t be complete without a leisurely stroll past the iconic Rainbow Row. This charming series of thirteen pastel-colored Georgian houses is one of the most photographed spots in the city. Each house, painted in cotton candy hues of pink, blue, yellow, and more, boasts its own unique character and story. Nestled on East Bay Street, these historic homes date back to the mid-18th century, making Rainbow Row a vivid timeline of Charleston's rich history. As you meander down this picturesque street, you can't help but feel swept up in the city's enchanting blend of history and charm.

Address: 83-107 E Bay St, Charleston, SC 29401 | Google Maps

Hours: Open 24 hours a day

Admission: Free to enjoy from the outside, entrance inside is not permitted since they are privately owned.

Rainbow Row, Charleston, SC
Rainbow Row, Charleston, SC

Go on a food tour

Experience the culinary delights of Charleston, South Carolina, by partaking in a guided food tour. This is a splendid way to savor authentic Southern cuisine while learning about the city's rich food culture. Indulge in mouth-watering shrimp and grits, crispy fried chicken, or the iconic low-country boil. Don't forget to save room for a slice of pecan pie or the heavenly benne wafers, a local favorite. As you hop from one eatery to the next, local guides will share fascinating stories of Charleston's culinary history, from its indigenous roots to contemporary innovations.

Our dog, Kramer, enjoying an early morning walk through Charleston, SC
Our dog, Kramer, enjoying an early morning walk through Charleston, SC

See the Angel Oak Tree

Stepping into the presence of the Angel Oak Tree is like entering another realm where time stands still. This majestic Southern live oak, estimated to be over 400 years old, is not just a natural wonder—it’s a silent witness to history, casting a vast canopy that's provided shade and solace through centuries. Located on Johns Island near Charleston, South Carolina, it's a must-visit for anyone wanting to connect with the deep roots of the South. Bring a camera to capture its grandeur, or simply rest under its expansive branches for a peaceful respite. Its sprawling limbs, some as long as 89 feet, create a natural playground that will enchant visitors of all ages.

Address: 3688 Angel Oak Rd, Johns Island, SC 29455 | Google Maps

Hours: Monday - Saturday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Sunday 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Admission: Free

Angel Oak Tree Charleston, SC
Angel Oak Tree, Charleston, SC

Tour the Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon

Step back in time with a visit to the Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon, located in the heart of downtown Charleston. This colonial building has worn many hats throughout history – from a customs house to a prisoner-of-war dungeon during the Revolutionary War. Its walls are steeped in stories that encapsulate the tumultuous past of Charleston and the birth of America. With engaging exhibits and knowledgeable guides in period costumes, you'll feel like you're walking through the chapters of history. Make sure to venture down into the eerie Provost Dungeon, where pirates and patriots once languished in the dimly lit cells. This is an unmissable stop for history buffs and curious travelers alike.

Address: 122 E Bay St, Charleston, SC 29401 | Google Maps

Hours: Monday - Saturday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Sunday 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Admission: Adults $15, children: (ages 7-12) $8, Children (6 and under): Free

Decorated shop windows
Decorated shop windows

Enjoy a bit of pampering during a spa day

After you've explored Charleston's historic streets and sampled its culinary offerings, why not treat yourself to a day of indulgence with a spa day? Charleston's spa scene offers a diverse range of services that provide the perfect opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate. From full-service spas offering the latest in skincare technology to quaint boutiques specializing in therapeutic massages, there's something for everyone looking to find their calm in this small but busy city. Immerse yourself in the relaxation of a hot stone massage or refresh with a signature facial. Southern hospitality shines through in the attentive care you'll receive at any one of Charleston's serene havens of relaxation.

Find your perfect spa here

Relax in Waterfront Park and Pier

Take a break from the hustle and bustle at Waterfront Park, a picturesque retreat nestled alongside the Cooper River in the heart of Charleston. This eight-acre park is a favorite among locals and travelers alike, offering panoramic views of the harbor. Feel the gentle breeze on your face as you sway on the iconic pineapple fountain's swinging benches, or take a leisurely walk along the pier, stretching out over the water. If you visit in the evening, the pier comes alive with the soft glow of lamplight, and the serenity of the park makes it a romantic spot for a picturesque sunset. Don't rush through—this is a spot worthy of savoring, just like the slow Southern pace Charleston is known for.

Address: Google Maps

Hours: Open 24 hours a day

Admission: Free

Chris and Kramer walking in Waterfront Park
Chris and Kramer walking in Waterfront Park
Waterfront Park fountain

Go on a brewery or distillery tour

Charleston may be steeped in history, but it's also brimming with a lively craft beverage scene that beckons to be explored. Whether you're a beer aficionado or a spirit enthusiast, a brewery or distillery tour should definitely be on your to-do list. Visit the local craft breweries where you'll find a tight-knit community pouring pints of innovative brews, or take a swing by the distilleries to taste some smooth Southern spirits. Many venues offer behind-the-scenes tours that reveal the secrets behind the brewing and distilling processes, coupled with generous samples of their finest drinks. And if you're lucky, you might just stumble upon some live music and food trucks, making for the perfect Charleston evening.

Enjoy art at the Gibbes Museum of Art

Immerse yourself in the rich artistic heritage of the South at the Gibbes Museum of Art, located in Charleston's historic district. As you stroll through the elegant building, you'll encounter a captivating selection of American art with a Charleston connection. From colonial portraits to contemporary installations, the museum celebrates the city's unique cultural landscape through art. The Gibbes is more than just a gallery; it's a vibrant community space where art enthusiasts can attend workshops, lectures, and even live performances. Be sure to explore the museum's lush garden, which offers a serene oasis amidst the bustle of the city—a delightful haven for anyone looking to drink in Charleston’s charm through its visual arts scene.

Address: 135 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29401 | Google Maps

Hours: Monday - Saturday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Sunday 1:00 - 5:00 PM

Admission: Adults: $12, Seniors (ages 62+): $10, College students (with I.D.): $10, Active military (with I.D.): $10, Youth (ages 4 - 17): $6, Children (ages 3 and under): Free

Take a yoga class on the beach

Stretch it out during a sun-kissed yoga session on one of Charleston's pristine beaches. Imagine performing your sun salutations with the sound of waves gently crashing in the background and a gentle ocean breeze against your skin. Yoga on the beach is not just about flexibility and balance; it's a total mind-body experience that encapsulates the laid-back lifestyle Charleston is adored for. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or trying it out for the first time, this is an experience that will leave you feeling centered and serene. Yoga on the beach is a great activity for vacation, a Galentine's Day getaway, bachelorette parties, and more.

Gated alleyway in Charleston
Gated alleyway in Charleston

Visit the Charleston Tea Garden

Wave hello to acres upon acres of lush, green tea bushes at the one-of-a-kind Charleston Tea Garden. Take a trolley tour through the grounds and learn all about how tea is made – from leaf to cup. It's a unique chance to see tea harvesters in action and even try your hand at picking a few leaves yourself. Afterward, sample some of the freshest brews around at the tasting room; their sweet tea is a Southern staple. Whether you're a tea connoisseur or just curious, this spot is a charming slice of Charleston, steeped in both flavor and tradition.

Address: 6617 Maybank Hwy, Wadmalaw Island, SC 29487 | Google Maps

Hours: Monday - Saturday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Sunday 12:00 - 4:00 PM

Admission: Free admission for the grounds and factory, Trolley tour: Adults $16, Children (ages 4-11) $8.50, Children (3 and under): Free (Note: Trolley tour prices increase by a few dollars if reservations are made 24 hours or less in advance.)

See dolphins in the wild

Nothing quite captures the nautical spirit of Charleston like spotting dolphins in their natural habitat. Hop aboard a dolphin-watching tour and set sail around Charleston's picturesque waterways, where playful dolphins are often seen frolicking in the surf. These friendly creatures are local celebrities, and there's something truly magical about watching them glide through the water with grace. It's not just a sightseeing trip—it's an opportunity to connect with nature and witness the rich marine life that calls the waters near Charleston home.

Church steeple in Charleston, SC
Church steeple in Charleston, SC

Play golf at one of Charleston's many courses

If you're looking to tee off in style, Charleston's got you covered with its impressive selection of golf courses. From the oceanfront greens to the shaded fairways inland, there’s a course for every skill level and setting preference. Picture yourself swinging beneath the warm South Carolina sun, with a golf course that not only challenges your game but also treats you to some classic Low-country scenery. After all, in Charleston, golf isn't just a sport, it's an experience, complete with Spanish moss-draped oaks lining the fairways and cool breezes coming off the nearby marshes. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just in it for the fun and the walk, a day on the links is a must-do for any golfer during a Charleston visit.

Have a picnic at Hampton Park

Want a taste of local life? Then spread out a blanket and have a picnic at the Hampton Park. This is Charleston's version of an urban oasis. With its 60 acres of plush, well-manicured lawns and gardens bursting with vibrant azaleas and camellias, it's a favorite among locals for some chill vibes and downtime. Grab some southern-style takeout or book a private picnic service and find your spot under the shade of an old oak. This park is more than just a spot to eat; it's a community hub with walking trails, a fitness circuit, and even the occasional free jazz concert. It’s the perfect setup to just lie back, enjoy a leisurely afternoon, and people-watch to your heart's content.

Address: 30 Mary Murray Dr, Charleston, SC 29403 | Google Maps

Hours: Open 24 hours a day

Admission: Free

Take a cooking class

Get ready to spice things up with a hands-on cooking class in the heart of Charleston. Dive into the diverse flavors of Low-country cuisine as you learn to prepare classic dishes like shrimp and grits, fried green tomatoes, or a hearty bowl of she-crab soup. Local chefs will guide you through the steps, sharing secrets and techniques that have been passed down through generations. It's more than a meal; it's an interactive experience that allows you to bring home a taste of South Carolina. You'll leave with not just delectable recipes, but also the confidence to recreate the magic in your own kitchen.

Final thoughts

There you have it, folks – a taste of the delightful experiences that Charleston, South Carolina has to offer. From unwinding with yoga on the beach to savoring the complexities of a locally-brewed cup of tea, from marveling at marine wildlife to hitting the greens or just kicking back in Hampton Park, there's an endless array of things to do. Whether you're a foodie ready to don an apron or someone who simply appreciates the charm of the old South, Charleston will enchant you with its rich history and vibrant local scene. So pack your bags, bring your sense of adventure, and come see for yourself why Charleston is not just a destination, but a feeling you'll carry with you long after you've gone.

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Unique Things To Do in Charleston, South Carolina

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