A Magical Sunrise Adventure at Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

Moose wading in water at Sprague Lake in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park at sunrise

Imagine waking up early in the morning, leaving behind the comfort of your bed, and making your way to catch the first light of the day amidst towering mountains and tranquil lake waters. If that sounds like an experience worth having, then Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park is the perfect place for you. Here is a complete guide to help you plan an unforgettable sunrise adventure - a must-do activity when you visit Rocky Mountain National Park.

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Where is Sprague Lake?

Sprague Lake is located near the heart of the iconic Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, USA. Nestled comfortably at an elevation of about 8,200 feet, the lake is named after Abner Sprague, one of the original pioneers in the Estes Park area. The lake is easily accessible via Bear Lake Road and offers a scenic drive with breathtaking views of the mountainous landscape. Its prime location makes it a perfect spot to enjoy a serene and magical sunrise, a sight that truly exemplifies the beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

Sprague Lake: Google Maps

Girl watches sunrise at Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

How to get to Sprague Lake

Getting to Sprague Lake from Estes Park, CO, is a straightforward and scenic affair. Start by heading southeast on US-36 E. After about 0.5 miles, take a slight right turn onto US-34 W/E Wonderview Ave. Continue on this road until you see the sign for the Beaver Meadows Entrance Station, one of the main entrances to Rocky Mountain National Park. After entering the park (remember, there's an entrance fee), continue straight onto Bear Lake Road. This road winds its way through spectacular mountain landscapes, so take your time and soak in the views. After about 8 miles, you will see the clearly marked turn-off for Sprague Lake on your right. The entire journey should take around 20 minutes, depending on traffic and current road conditions. Don't forget to leave early to secure a good spot to watch the sunrise!

Estes Park to Sprague Lake: 10 mi | 22 min | Google Maps

Boulder to Sprague Lake: 47 mi | 1 hr 15 min | Google Maps

Denver to Sprague Lake: 75 mi | 1 hr 46 min | Google Maps

Fort Collins to Sprague Lake: 51 mi | 1 hr 24 min | Google Maps

Why is Sprague Lake good for watching sunrise?

Sprague Lake offers a unique and ideal setting for watching the sunrise because of its landscape and orientation. Its high altitude and clear, unobstructed eastern view provide a perfect canvas for the morning sun to paint its daily masterpiece. As the sun peeks over the distant mountain tops, the sky begins to fill with hues of pink, orange, and gold, reflecting off the lake's glass-like surface to create a breathtaking spectacle. The surrounding mountains and forests add depth to this panorama, their silhouettes gradually gaining definition as the day breaks. Being there as it all unfolds is more than just a visual treat - it's a serene, meditative experience that connects you to nature's grandeur. So, pack your camera, put on some warm clothes, and set out for an unforgettable sunrise experience at Sprague Lake.

Trail around Sprague Lake at sunrise in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

What time should I get to Sprague Lake for sunrise

Sunrise usually happens between 5:30 am and 6:00 am in the summer months, and timing is everything if you want to capture the first rays of the day. Though the park is open 24/7, it's ideal to arrive at least 30 minutes before the sunrise to secure a good spot. Consider checking the weather forecast the night before and check for road conditions to avoid any issues.

Essential gear for your sunrise adventure

Temperature can fluctuate, and it's always best to dress in layers. Bring a light jacket or a windbreaker, gloves, a hat, and comfortable shoes. If you want to take pictures, don't forget a tripod, a good camera, and extra batteries. Also, bring a flashlight or headlamp as it will be dark when you arrive. You can find our complete list below.

  1. Warm Clothing: The early morning air at Sprague Lake can be chilly, especially in the higher elevation. Layered clothing is recommended, including a warm jacket, hat, and gloves.
  2. Comfortable Shoes: The area around the lake may be damp or uneven. Wear waterproof, sturdy shoes to keep your feet dry and stable.
  3. Camera and Tripod: To capture the incredible sunrise, don't forget your camera. A tripod can be handy for steady, stunning shots.
  4. Binoculars: If you're a nature lover, bring binoculars. You might get a chance to spot some wildlife.
  5. Picnic Blanket & Snacks: After enjoying the sunrise, why not have breakfast with a view? Bring a blanket and some light snacks.
  6. Flashlight or Headlamp: It will be dark when you arrive, so a flashlight or headlamp will be necessary to guide your way.
  7. Water: Staying hydrated is necessary, especially at high altitudes. Bring enough water for your time at the lake.
  8. Sunscreen & Sunglasses: Once the sun is up, its rays can be strong. Protect your skin and eyes with sunscreen and sunglasses.

Remember, it's best to travel light but ensure you have all the essentials. The key is to prepare for the weather and the activities you plan to do.

Moose wading in Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

The best spot for watching sunrise in Rocky Mountain National Park

The Sprague Lake is the best place to watch sunrise in Rocky Mountain National Park. The trail is accessible to everyone and is an easy 0.9 mile loop trail around the lake. For the best spot, head to the far end near the bridge, which offers an unobstructed view of the lake and the surrounding mountains. Alternatively, head to the east side of the lake to capture the sun rising behind the mountain range.

Wildlife in Rocky Mountain National Park at sunrise

As the sun begins to paint the sky with its vibrant hues, the wildlife around Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park also starts to stir. The calm and tranquil environment of the early morning makes it an ideal time to spot wildlife in their natural habitat.

The most common animals that you are likely to see at sunrise include elk, mule deer, and moose, which are often seen grazing in the grassy areas near the lake. The sight of them silhouetted against the rising sun is nothing short of magical. You may also catch sight of small mammals like squirrels and chipmunks darting about, preparing for the day ahead.

Bird lovers are in for a treat too. With over 280 species of birds recorded in the park, you could spot anything from majestic bald eagles and red-tailed hawks soaring high above, to melodious songbirds such as the American Dipper and Mountain Bluebird filling the air with their cheerful tunes.

However, remember to keep a respectful distance from all wildlife since wildlife can be dangerous, especially moose. Use binoculars or a telephoto lens to view and photograph them. Always remember, we are visitors in their home, so let's respect their space.

Plan for the unexpected

There could be a chance of missing the sunrise if the weather is not in your favor or if the parking lot fills up. Be patient, bring some snacks and something to drink, and enjoy the calm and serene atmosphere of the lake as the birds sing and the light slowly starts to change. Remember, sometimes the best adventures are the ones that don't go as planned.

Sunrise comes up behind mountains in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park at Sprague Lake

What to do in Rocky Mountain National Park after sunrise

Once the sun has risen, don't leave just yet! Take a leisurely walk around the lake, soak in the scenery, and even try your hand at fishing. Afterward, head to the nearby Bear Lake area, where you can hike some of the park's most popular trails, or stop by the Moraine Park Visitor Center to learn more about the park’s history, wildlife, and geology.

Final thoughts

Catching the sunrise at Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park is an unforgettable experience, and we hope this guide has provided you with the essential tips to make the most of your adventure. Remember to respect the natural surroundings, be mindful of the wildlife, and leave the park untouched for others to enjoy. With that in mind, you are all set to witness the first light of the day in one of America's most beautiful landscapes. Don't miss out!

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