Traveling Full Time with a Dog

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We've been traveling full time with our dog, Kramer, for about 15 months now. While it's not always easy to travel with a dog, it's worth the extra obstacles that come with always having a four legged companion along. We've learned a few tips and tricks along the way as well as apps, websites, and products that make traveling with our pup a little easier. If you're thinking about bringing your pup along for the adventures, keep reading....

Favorite Products for Traveling with a Dog

Over the last couple of years we've found a few go-to items that Kramer loves. From his favorite balls for fetch to the only dog food that hasn't made his stomach sick, this his list of favorite items.

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4 Things We've Learned from Traveling with a Dog

Your dog will [sometimes] dictate your travel plans

If you're traveling with a dog, be prepared to always be thinking about their wellbeing. Like a kid, but one that isn't allowed in stores or restaurants with you when it's too hot to leave them alone in a car. Dogs are so fun to travel with, but do know that due to weather, rules, and laws you will be more limited to when and where you can go.

There is no perfect dog for traveling

A lot of people have asked what size of dog is too big for traveling or how old of a dog is too old for traveling. Truth is, that’s totally up to you and what your dog is comfortable with! If your dog is older and hates riding in the car now, he probably won’t like traveling. If your dog is uneasy in new places and likes a firm routine, think hard about taking them with you.

Most of America isn’t dog friendly

There are places where dogs are welcome, but if you’re heading into full-time travel thinking your pooch can go everywhere with you, think again. Most laws regarding dogs are state laws so you’ll likely run into 50 difference scenarios across this country. As a general rule of thumb, it’s always a good idea to call ahead and ask if the places you’re hoping to visit allow dogs.

Vet care on the road is easier than you’d expect

Make sure before you set off on your travels that you’ve established care with a vet in your town where you are a permanent resident. For us, this is in Tennessee. Before we set off we had his annual exam done and updated his vaccines. Because we chose a vet in our home town we knew we’d be returning to it at least once a year. Our plan is to always get his vaccines updated when we go home to visit family around the holidays.

Always carry your vaccine records with you

If you’re planning on crossing the border to Canada (we’ve haven’t crossed to Mexico so we don’t know what’s required), you’ll need proof of vaccines to show the people at the border. Also if you ever plan to board your dog or even just drop them off for a haircut or for doggy daycare, you'll need your vaccine records. We always recommend carrying a hardcopy with you as well as saving a PDF version on your phone for quick, easy access.

Favorite Apps and Websites for Traveling with a Dog


Rover is our go-to app for finding a dog sitter when we're traveling with a dog. From play dates during the day to leaving Kramer overnight while we have to travel elsewhere, we've had nothing but great experiences with Rover! Read reviewers of sitters, specify specific care instructions for you dog and more in the app or on the website in your browser.

Bring Fido

Bring Fido is a great place to find dog friendly restaurants, hotels, parks, events and more. We use this website regularly to find places that are welcoming of us bring Kramer. We opt to take him along as often as possible so this a great resource that helps us keep him close.

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