The Best Business Tools for Digital Nomads

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Are you a digital nomad looking to improve your workflow and keep your business legal? We've been in your position before and here are our tools that help us stay afloat in the midst of this crazy life as a digital nomad. If that's you then keep reading....

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite digital nomad business tools that we use to keep our businesses running smoothly. Please note before reading that we are not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned. We’re endorsing them not because we’ve been paid, but because we truly love how these various products have helped us grow our businesses.

With over a decade of experience owning and running our own businesses, we’ve learned a lot as well as made a good bit of mistakes along the way. We’re constantly on a mission to streamline our work process and make the most use of our time, while also keeping our ducks and dollars in a row. A few years back we started seriously investing in subscription type platforms that help keep our businesses organized and legal on the backend, while also saving us hours upon hours of valuable time on the frontend.

After a lot of trial and error, we finally have landed on a setup that we love! Keep reading to see what software we've been using and loving in our businesses!


Bench has been our best investment yet. We’re more creatively minded so things like numbers are not our forte. Thankfully we realized this early on and decided to invest in hiring an accountant to keep track of our books and taxes. If you’re unsure how to keep your books in check or file your taxes as an entrepreneur, get help! Don’t wing it— money is no joke so be sure you’re crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s all along the way.

We are affiliates from Bench so by clicking THIS LINK you can get 20% off your first 6 months using Bench. Why not try it and save money on something that will help you keep your money in order? Win win.


Another big investment we’ve made is in our invoicing system. After all, what good is a successful business if you aren’t get paid? Having a system keep everything in one place by tracking payments, deadlines, and contracts is a huge help. Wave is professional in appearance and efficient, which is exactly how we like to run our businesses.


We’ve tried a lot of project management platforms over the years and we keep coming back to Basecamp. We love its intuitive feel as well as how easy it is to collaborate with teams. Being able to assign projects to various people helps keep our e-mail inbox down and makes it easier to track progress across various projects.

Whether you’re a one man team or a team of 100, Basecamp is a solid option for you!

Click Up

This is a new addition to our workflow, and BONUS: it’s FREE! Click Up is a calendar and project manager program, and while its features are relatively basic, we like how it’s both mobile and desktop friendly. While we’re using the free version, they do have paid services if you’re looking for more features, but for our needs, the basic, free version is enough for now.

We use Click Up to keep track of schedules and timelines across our joint businesses, so things like video schedules, travel schedules, etc. are all in one easy place that we can both see.


If you’re working on teams, or even if you’re just trying to stay in contact with clients, Slack is a great option. You can create custom channels with whoever you’d like to include, use hashtags to track projects, search past messages by keyword, and communicate with people one on one. It’s another great tool to help keep your inbox at zero.

Google Drive

As travel vloggers, we have a lot of files that need a safe place to be stored. Google Drive has been our cloud storage program of choice, specifically for our videos and photos. It’s easily accessible on mobile or desktop and it’s incredibly intuitive to use. If you’ve ever used any of the Google platforms (Gmail, Sheets, Docs, etc.), you’ll be able to easily navigate Google Drive, too.


We’ve been using Dropbox for years now and it’s pretty hard to part ways with something that works well. While we’ve invested in using Google Drive for our personal video and photo work, our client work still lives entirely on Dropbox. Why have two different clouds? Well, Dropbox is easy to share with clients and, truth is, most of our clients are already on Dropbox making it easier for them to navigate and use Dropbox, too.

Dropbox is a little pricier than Google Drive, so deciding which cloud is best for you will all be based on personal preference and budget. Both are solid options, so take a look around both and see what you think!


There's a seemingly infinite number of digital nomad business tools out there so it can be a bit overwhelming picking the right program. We want to hear from you though! Do you have a favorite product that you use to help streamline your workflow? Drop your suggestions in the comments or reach out via our contact form HERE.

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