Visit Shelburne Orchards – Vermont's Best Apple Orchard | Shelburne, VT

Man tossing and catching apple in the air at Shelburne Orchards, Vermont

Fall is the perfect time of year to visit an apple orchard in Vermont. With the crisp air, beautiful foliage, and delicious apples, it's no wonder that Shelburne Orchards is a top destination to experience all of these things. Nestled in the town of Shelburne, Vermont, Shelburne Orchards is a family-owned and operated orchard that has been serving the community for over 100 years. In this blog post, we will give you a complete guide to visiting Shelburne Orchards in the fall.

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Hands holding apples at Shelburne Orchards, Vermont

How to get to Shelburne Orchards

Shelburne Orchards is located just 7 miles from Burlington and can easily be reached by car. If you're coming from Burlington, simply take Route 7 south and turn onto Orchard Road. There is plenty of parking available, and the orchard is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm. If you're not driving, there are also bike paths that lead to the orchard, making it a fun and scenic ride.

Burlington, VT to Shelburne Orchards: 10 mi | 22 min | Google Maps

Boston, MA to Shelburne Orchards: 223 mi | 3 hr 39 min | Google Maps

Albany, NY to Slhelburne Orchards: 141 mi | 2 hr 41 min | Google Maps

What apples are available at Shelburne Orchards?

Shelburne Orchards is known for its wide variety of apples, with over 80 different types grown on the property. Some of the most popular varieties include Honeycrisp, McIntosh, and Cortland. It's always a good idea to check the orchard's Facebook page or call ahead to see which varieties are available during your visit. During the falls season you can take part in apple picking, which we highly recommend!

Other seasonal activities at the orchard

In addition to apple picking, Shelburne Orchards offers a number of other activities that are perfect for the fall. They have a family-friendly corn maze that is sure to keep the kids entertained for hours, as well as hayrides that take you through the orchard and offer spectacular views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains. And don't forget to stop by the cidery to try their delicious apple cider and cider donuts!

Apple cider and cider donuts at Shelburne Farms, Vermont

The view from Shelburne Orchards

One of the best things about visiting Shelburne Orchards in the fall is the stunning view. The orchard is situated on a hill overlooking Lake Champlain, and the foliage in the surrounding area is absolutely breathtaking. Be sure to bring your camera, as you'll want to capture this beautiful scenery.

View of Lake Champlain from Shelburne Orchards
"Pick your own apples" sign at Shelburne Orchards, Vermont

The Shelburne Orchards market store

Before you leave Shelburne Orchards, be sure to stop by the market to pick up some of their delicious treats. They offer a variety of baked goods, including apple cider donuts and pies, as well as fresh cider and other apple-based products. You can also purchase apples by the bag or bushel to take home with you.

We recommend grabbing enough apples to make an apple pie when you get home. That's what we did and it was so good! We also enjoyed some apple cider donuts and hot apple cider after we were finished picking the donuts. Honestly, just go all in on the apple goodies when you're there! You won't be sorry.

Feet next to apples on the ground

Are dogs allowed at Shelburne Orchards?

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed at Shelburne Orchards.

Man picks apples at Shelburne Orchards, Vermont

Final thoughts

A visit to Shelburne Orchards in the fall is a must for anyone looking to experience the beauty and bounty of Vermont. With its wide variety of apples, family-friendly activities, and stunning view, it's no wonder that this orchard has become a top destination in the area. So pack your bags, grab your camera, and come visit Shelburne Orchards this fall. You won't be disappointed.

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Visit Shelburne Orchards – Vermont's Best Apple Orchard | Shelburne, VT

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