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Getting your commercial drone license (Part 107) seems daunting, but the Pilot Institute is here to help. It's 2023 and just about every vlogger, photographer, and tech hobbiest has a drone. But, what many don't realize is that they need a license, even if they're flying "just for fun." We talk all about who needs a drone license in our Youtube videos (see below). Just trust, us, save yourself the headache and get your drone license! 

When Chris first took the Part 107 test in January of 2021, he passed with flying colors all thanks to the Pilot Institute. This is our complete review of what we thought of the course and what you should know before taking the Part 107.

Who is the Pilot Institute?

The Pilot Institute is an online resource that prepares drone pilots for the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Part 107 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) licensing test. The Pilot Institute offers a comprehensive review course and practice tests to help aspiring UAS operators study and pass the test quickly and easily.

The Pilot Institute's courses are designed to be as comprehensive as possible, providing detailed information on all aspects of UAS operations. The Pilot Institute reviews general knowledge topics such as airspace classification, weather, and airspace regulations. It also includes visuals to help students understand the material better, such as diagrams of airspace classifications or a list of FAA regulations.

The Pilot Institute's practice tests are designed to simulate the actual Part 107 licensing test. The Pilot Institute's practice tests include questions and topics that are similar to those found on the actual exam. This helps students become familiar with the type of questions they will encounter on the real test, which can help them pass it quickly and easily.

Is the Pilot Institute legit?

Yes, the Pilot Institute is completely legitimate. The Pilot Institute is the only aviation training provider to be accredited by IACET to offer continuing education credits. The Pilot Institute is also an FAA safety Team Industry Member.  In addition, its courses are designed and taught by experienced UAS operators who understand what it takes to be a successful UAS operator.

Why should I sign up for the Pilot Institute?

The Pilot Institute offers a comprehensive and user-friendly review course to help aspiring UAS operators prepare for the Part 107 licensing test quickly and easily. Additionally, the Pilot Institute provides practice tests that replicate the actual exam, allowing students to familiarize themselves with the type of questions they will face during the test. What sets The Pilot Institute apart from other courses on the market is its unique flashcard app for iPhone and Android users, which is not available elsewhere. Also, the Pilot Institute provides illustrated cheat sheets and a 14-day challenge program that promises to help students obtain their Part 107 license within two weeks.

Several courses in the market are taught by marketers without any aviation background, and some of these courses are priced twice as much as what is offered by the Pilot Institute. It's important to note that drones are regulated because of airplanes, which makes it crucial to choose a course taught by an FAA Certified Flight Instructor with decades of aviation experience, like the one offered by the Pilot Institute.

The Pilot Institute's Part 107 course is regularly updated to ensure that its content is always current. The institute offers an industry-leading 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, and in case a student fails the exam, the institute refunds the test fee and the cost of the course.

Additionally, the Pilot Institute is the only aviation training provider that is accredited by IACET to offer continuing education credits.

What is the Part 107?

To fly a drone for commercial purposes anywhere in the United States, passing the Part 107 licensing test is mandatory. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has a broad definition of commercial operations, and anyone who earns money through the use of drones, including monetization from ads on YouTube, must obtain certification.

Drones are being used by various professionals, such as real estate agents, roofers, photographers, mappers, influencers, and first responders, to enhance their productivity. The test assesses various topics, such as airspace classification, weather, and airspace regulations, and successfully passing it is the initial step in obtaining an FAA-certified drone pilot license.

Do I need a Part 107 to fly my drone?

Yes, in order to legally fly your drone for any commercial or recreational purposes, you must have a valid Part 107 license. Without this license, you could be subject to fines and other penalties from the FAA for operating an unmanned aircraft without permission.

Is the Part 107 what people mean when they refer to a "drone license"?

The Part 107 is commonly referred to as a "drone license."

What's the difference between a drone license and drone registration?

A drone license is a certification from the FAA that allows you to legally operate an unmanned aircraft. Drone registration, on the other hand, is a separate process that requires registering your drone with the FAA. While both are important for any UAS operator, they have different purposes and requirements.

Is there a promo code for the Pilot Institute?

YES! We have a promo code that saves you $100 on the Pilot Institutes Part 107 course. So instead $249 for the course you'll pay $149 for lifetime access. Use code "CHRISANDSARA" at checkout. Definitely utilize this Pilot Institute promo code!

How much does is cost?

There are two main costs associated with earning your Part 107. The first is the Pilot Institute Course and the second part is the Part 107 exam itself which should be retaken every two years.

The Pilot Institute Course

The Pilot Institute course Part 107 Made Easy costs $249 for lifetime access. The lifetime access was a selling point for us because drone pilots must retake the Part 107 every two years, and there are new drone laws all the time. Every time Chris has to renew his drone license he just opens the Pilot Institute's Part 107 course and reviews past material and learns what's new since the last time he took the Part 107 test.

The Part 107 Exam

The Part 107 exam, which is administered by FAA-authorized centers, comes with a testing fee of around $175. It's important to keep in mind that the testing fee is non-refundable. To avoid any setbacks, we strongly recommend that you study well before taking the exam. If you fail, you will need to wait for two full weeks before you can retake it.

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