Rent Tennessee's favorite tuk tuk, Marigold!


Use our colorful tuk tuk as photo opportunity, or as a marketing tool to attract customers to your storefront.


Marigold makes the perfect getaway car or photo opportunity at weddings


Make Marigold a part of birthday parties, showers, conferences, galas, and more


Let Marigold's bright, friendly yellow help attract new customers to your storefront


In her free time, Marigold is a pop-up flower shop that can be found around Chattanooga, TN

Rent our tuk tuk in Tennessee!

We deliver it, set it up and drive it away at the end!
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Getting to know the beloved Tennessee tuk tuk, Marigold!

Where is the tuk tuk located?

Our tuk tuk (lovingly referred to as "Marigold") is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. While Chattanooga is her home base, she finds her way all around the state of Tennessee (and beyond!). Interested in hiring our tuk tuk for your next event? Let's talk!

Can I book your tuk tuk to rent outside of Tennessee?

YES! While Marigold is a Tennessee gal, she finds her way all over the southeast region. Delivery fee is figured into the rental estimate, so be sure to include the zip code of your event and we'll help figure up a fair delivery fee for you!

Can I book the tuk tuk to drive?

Unfortunately, no. All rental reservations include one of our licensed and insured drivers who supervise the tuk tuk at all times to help ensure guests and the tuk tuk are safe and cared for properly.

What's the difference between an auto rickshaw and a tuk tuk?

Tuk tuks and auto rickshaws are actually the same thing! The name "auto rickshaw" is more commonly used in India, while the term "tuk tuk" is mostly used in places like Thailand and Malaysia.

Is this tuk tuk electric or gasoline powered?

Our tuk tuk runs on gasoline, just like traditional auto rickshaws and tuk tuks! The term "tuk tuk" actually refers to the puttering sound that the engine makes. It wouldn't be a tuk tuk without the gas engine. :)

There ain't no party like a tuk tuk party!