100,000 Pins

We love new experiences, new foods, , new places, and new friends. That’s why we’re on a mission to see and try 100,000 new things around the world! From coffee shops to castles, we’re sharing our favorite places all around the world with YOU in hopes that our travels serve as a resource when you’re planning your own adventures!

We believe in responsible tourism, and because of this, we do not believe in sharing places that we feel will be harmed by a large influx of tourism. Instead we aim to showcase local and small(er) businesses that thrive on tourism as well as some of the more popular places in our national parks and cities. These pins should be used as a launching point to help you plan and shape your own adventures where you’ll discover your own special places. When you find a special spot that few people know, trust us, you’ll want to keep that special spot a secret, too! We encourage adventure and exploration in every sense of the word, but we also strongly believe in traveling in a way that respects all places, people, and cultures.